Monday, June 22, 2009

AC/DC, Convention, prizes, and more.....

That has been what my last (month-has it truly been so long???) has consisted of. I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many exciting things to share, and a few bits of scrapping, but not much:( The last few weeks have flown by, and I can honestly say, I haven't scrapped for nearly two weeks......I really miss it!!!
Firstly-huge thankyou's to a few peoples, whom are very special to me!!! Two lovely ladies I met at the convention in Brisbane-Lovely Louise Nelson, and Nicole Finlayson- two special scrap buddies, and truly inspiring , smashing people to spend the day with!!! I went in to the convention, my first time, on the public holiday, and met Lou and nic in real life, and they are SOOOOO FABULOUS!!!! Had an absolute ball, spent all my money(;) as you do!) and came home with Glimmermist and lovely stuff to play with-who could ask for more??? Thankyou for making my day so special Nic and Lou, and I just know it won't be the last time we meet!!! Another thankyou to Sue from ORANGE JELLY STAMPS!! My card above, won the Owl challenge that Sarahj from Inkurable Stampers featured on her blog recently-I took a photo of the stamps that I won, but Jacob has the little camera at work with him today, so I will share them later. They are awesome, and thanks again sooo much Sue!!! Can't wait to scrap again, and actually get to play with my stamps!!!!
I have still been chatting at my two favourite haunts, BONS SCRAPS, and FOREVER ALWAYS. Have an absolute swag of scrapping to do, and hope to get lots done before the end of the month!I did the Kitefest layout for FA'S 6th Birthday Extravaganza-I find bright colours so hard!!!
Well, in other news, Jacob and I got tickets to AC/DC!!!!!!!!I cannot wait!!!!This will be my second time to see them live, they really are just mind-blowing!!! Only another 8 months to go,lol!!! we are going along with our friends Carmen and Troy, so it will be a hoot! I know I will come home without a voice, oh, and with a new shirt of course:)
I started another course with my camera a few weeks ago, and I just love what we have been learning. I met up with some of my previous classmates, and we had a field trip to the city on Saturday. Took some great shots, one of which I absolutely love, but alas, I cannot share. We started the trip in Roma St Parklands, and while we were there, a wedding party came through-the bride looked absolutley STUNNING, and her bridesmaids had the richest ruby coloured dresses, just gorgeous.well, there we all were, cameras in hand as they came around the corner-the poor bride nearly died!!!Our instructor, Peter , asked the photographer and bride if we could take some photos, and they said yes, butwe aren't allowed to put them on the net or anything. I took one as they were "waltzing" and he spun her around and laids her backwards-I love the shot, and was so stoked to get it!!! We all had a great time, and watched the photographer in awe of her equipment!!!! Anyways, here are some I took on the night section of our trip-

Treasury Casino-all the people on the railing are people in my class-they had all finished snapping away, I had loaned my tripod , so took a few more when I got it back;) This one was taken from the river side.

My LSD photo,lol! I had a few attempts at this, zooming on a long shutter speed-my first one looked very psychedelic!!!A little TOOO much zoom!!! Good fun though! This is the casino from another side, don't know the name of the street, always get lost in Brisbane!!!

Light trails on North Quay. Unfortunately , no-one came toward me when I had the star filter for this shot;( But I still loved learning how they work, and playing!!!

Onw of my faves of the night-the Southbank Ferris Wheel. I am framing this one I think!!! We are now planning to meet up once a month to go out taking shots. Graeme, one of the other students, has bought a South East bushwalking book, so who knows where we will end up,lol!!!? I have another field trip this weekend, which will be fabbo!
I was especially lucky to be chosen for the Guest DT for AUSSIE SCRAPJACKED this month, by Gorgeous lou!!! Here is my take on the "jack". If you haven't checked them out-do go have a looksee!!!!

Lastly, but by no means least, here is a shot of me and Lou at the convention!!! Love you Lou, and I will be reloading this one, as I uploaded the wrong one, and now we are sideways,roflmao-sorry Lou, but it could only happen to me!!!!!!mwah-love you!!!

Well, best be off-two sick kiddies at home, one is asleep, and one is very quiet, which generally means she is into something,lol! Have a blast, and thanks for droppping by!!!