Friday, April 24, 2009

Woohoo- I love Darkroom Door!

I have had the most fantastic week- good kids,lots of reading, and going out to play with the Canon....and being asked by Rachel Greig from DARKROOM DOOR if she could feature these next two projects on their blog!!!!!! OMG- to say I was excited was an understatement!!! I sent an email to Rachel, showing her what I had created with the stamp set I had won, and a layout I had done with other stamps from their range- not expecting to be asked if they could feature my work. Wow, and thankyou so much is all I can say- I am on a scrapping high!!!! This first layout is one I did with a shot I took the other day while out playing........I created this one for the April challenge at INKURABLE STAMPERS. The colour combo is Orange, Black and White. I thought this shot would work well with the Darkroom Door photography stamps, and I am so stoked with the way it turned out!
My card that I used some of my Wilderness set for:) I still love this card!Make sure you go and check out the Darkroom Door blog...their stamps are to die for,and Rachel's photography is delicious too! I will add a link over in the sidebar to them- might need Jacob's help there, coz at the moment blogger is giving me grief:(

Do you like my little butterfly? I put my hand up to do the Random Challenge over at the fabulous Forever Always!! You had to use paper piecing, and I have an Annie Lang pattern book from years I thought I would use it again. I put this little cutie on here:-

I really love the way this turned out- a very me layout, fiddly cutting, some stitching,flowers, and my new found passion, stamping:) The Basic Grey papers are luscious too!
Now for a photo share- I haven't taken any photos for a couple of weeks, and have been itching to play. My friend asked me if I could take a photo for her of a plant at her aunt's house....after i had taken those photos, I mosied around the garden, and found this little fellow. This is the photo from my layout above:)

I was so proud of this one- I zoomed up on the web on my camera, and the water droplets on the web are crystal clear- i loooove my camera!!!!I also took this in colour, but like it better in B&W- the web is much more visible.
We then went to the Botanical Gardens at Redcliffe, and I had a great time snapping away there too! I haven't uploaded all the pics yet, so I will share more next post:)This Gum had me intrigued, I love the shed bark hanging on the bough, and the fact that the texture really shows in B&W.

Just a random thing I saw, but loved, so i had to take a photo!

These purple flowers were amazing, and I was pretty happy with how clear this photo came out, considering the wind was up, and the flowers kept moving- oh, and I don't yet have a macro lens either!I just love the colour- and no, they haven't been edited- I haven't the foggiest how to use Picasa yet!
Well, I must be off, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. I have done some other stuff, which I can't share yet- I hope to get my first bons challenges done this weekend, and a swag of others too. Take care!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's been awhile....

So grab your cuppa, and get comfy, coz we could be here all night,lol! I have sooooo much to share, and even then I don't think I have uploaded everything! I will start with one of my faves- I adore the recipe scraps over at FOREVER ALWAYS- and who wouldn't when you end up with a layout like this??? Our chef last week was the ravishing Renae- and thi is the gorgeous layout I created from her recipe. Love the way it turned out...even if I didn't quite follow directions, and forgot my left and right,lol! The added bonus is that I did this layout from stash scraps too- gotta love that!Last wekend was the fun of Cybercrop..and I pulled out some old photos for these layouts, and scrapped away!:)The first one is for Sonia's challenge,she chose the most awesome photo for inspiration. A fairly simple layout, but it turned out kinda cute!
That was such a fun day- and Aleisha looks so little in the photo!Paula's challenge was a FUN one- you had to use the word fun on your layout, and bright colours, with a cluster. Well, this is what I came up with, and Richard is gonna kill me when he sees I have scrapped him,lol!The things you do with a few Bundys under your belt!

Sorry about the not-so-straight photos- it's a miracle I got them here at all, with dogs trying to stick their heads in shots!Next is my layout for Kye's criteria-this photo is of my big brother Stephen, and was taken in either 1983, or1984. I haven't scrapped any photos from years ago for ages, and originally I had this out for the colour combo challenge. I used an old onion bag on this layout- even recycling while scrapping!

I am totally in love with their fonts!!!
If you haven't already, you really need to check out the challenge over at SONGBIRD SCRAPS. The songs to choose from are Kasey Chambers" CAPTAIN" lyrics, or Cold Chisel, 'When The War Is Over"- I went with Chisel-love Barnsey, and couldn't get the flow happening with Kasey- even though I had photos from her concert, and tickets....just didn't happen for me. I had to scrap another photo of Aleisha in her Easter Hat!

I can't believe she is nearly five now- what happened to my little baby???Speaking of babies, my friend Carmen has the CUTEST little puss, called Opal. I took my camera over to show Carmen the other week, and Opal was jumping around on her scratch post like a mad thing. I honestly didn't think she would stay there, much less look at the camera! I was really happy with this one- animals are so much harder to photograph than kids!!!

Now, onto some cards! The first one is a card I made for my M-I-L, as it is her birthday in a couple of weeks. Cuttlebug Challenges has some great inspiration, the theme for this weeks challenge was numbers. I had already started this card, so I thought I would finish it off with some numbers run thru the Cuttlebug.

Not quite how it looked in my head, but that's okay- I won't eneter that card- you should see the AMAZING stuff other people have done-think i will wait for this weeks challenge,lol!
I have been making up Mother's day cards too, still have two to go, but I was happy with this one-

I love 3d fiddly stuff, and the papers for this have been buried in my stash for ages...I love Orchids!I did try to upload the close-up- but Blogger didn't like that photo for some reason:( Temperamental thing!!!
Well, I am off to scrap some more- my A2Z challenge, an Evil random Challenge, and hopefully a sketch, or Scrap The boys page,maybe??? I would like to do some challenges for Bons too this month-time is running away. I joined ther after having a win to spend in Bons shop, and try to keep up with the chat, but the girls there out-talk me!!!
Take care, and thanks for stopping by- it really makes my day when you say hi!

Monday, April 13, 2009

An Easter Parade!

Isn't this just the cutest Easter hat? I went along to Aleisha's Easter Hat Parade at school the other day- the kids looked gorgeous in their creations! All of the prep kiddies made their own hats in class- this was Aleisha's creation:). I am so glad that she got to go along, after being so sick at the start of the week!Of course, I couldn't wait to scrap the photos, so here is my April Scrapjack layout , a gorgeous layout to jack too! Don't forget to go check out the creations of Lou's lovely team!! Oh, and here is a sneaky peek st the next BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES April layout! Using Black, red, Green, and Blue. Can't wait to share the whole thing:) Stay tuned folks!
I was going to enter the DT tryout for Kaisercraft, but never got my entries finished in time. So I thought I would share them - the first is my double layout that I created about Jacob and his new toys!

OOPS- uploaded in the wrong order there! Over at the fabulous FOREVER ALWAYS, we have been uploading our first ever layouts- this was my comcoction from way back when- so CM! I don't dig the triangles anymore,lol!

Here is my single entry for the Kaiser tryout- I was happy with this one, but wish I had finished the mini album in time. Oh well, there is always another time!

I am off to finish my SONGBIRD SCRAPS layout- it is half done onm my desk- deadline tomorrow-eek! We have had a huge Easter weekend, and I need to get cracking! Seeya!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Winners are Grinners!

Well, what can I say, I have had the most awesomely scrappy weekend/month. Of late, I seem to have had a lucky streak-maybe 2009 is my year after all!I have been sinking my teeth into some different things of late- trying to learn some new techniques and spread my scrappy wings. In the process of this, I have come across some amazingly talented sites, and some really friendly people too. Thanks to all of you lovely people out there! One of those is Rachel Greig, who owns DARKROOM DOOR. I won a stamp set from her a few weeks back, The Wilderness Collection Vol 2, and finally gotthe chance to make a card with the set! This is my card for the Cuttlebug Challenge for this week- you have to use Kraft, black and white/ivory. Oh, and your Cuttlebug too! Also, you had to do a clean and simple card- I think I managed that with this one- Love the way it turned out, and I think you could use it for a ladies or mens card.Love the stamps!! Thanks again so much Rachel!
Jacob celebrates his birthday today, and I made him this clock, to put on his computer desk. I didn't think at the time that the computer already has the time on it...doh! Oh well, he liked it- I made it ages ago, and have had it hidden so he didn't find it:)

Look at the GORGEOUS RAK that the beautiful Renae sent me!I love it!!!!!She also gave me some yummy lace , which I have already started to use. Thanks Renae- you made my day, love ya!!!!

Over the weekend, Sarah from Inkurable Stampers had her Cyberstamp. I finished the projects,yay! This is challenge number two, which you had to use 5 stamps to complete. This is my first attempt at an accordian card- it looks cute, but I think I will try to be more arty on my next one,lol! Love the super cute Easter stamps though:)

We also had to make a TWINCHIE. A twinchie is a two by two inch creation. I used some Tim Holtz inks I have had for ages( and never used until recently*blush*) and a Lucy's Stamp locket stamp for this one. They are lots of un, and I can see myself making MANY more to come,lol!I figure this one I can use on a crad, or a scrapping layout somewhere- limitless really~!

Last share for today, but by no means my layout for the first challenge for BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES for April. Awesome sketch to work with, and the colours you need to use are Black, with red, green and blue. Go check out the blog if you haven't already- lots of inspiring ladies on there!!! With two sketches each month,that's another two in your album!!! I used up things from Aleisha's school year so far- her award for tryin hard in P.E, a painting, and her name that she wrote. I really treasure these little things, and thought in years to come, she will look back on this page, and remember all the things she did in Prep.
Well, best be off, the housework is calling, and I know we don't have any housework fairies living here,lol! Take care, and thanks for stopping by!!!:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, this weekend I have been trying to get challenges done for Sarah's Inkurable Stampers blog Cyberstamp. This is like a cybercrop, but with a stamping edge to it:) The first challenge was to create a Birthday card from a sketch...this is the one I came up with. My Cuttlebug has had quite a workout the last few days. If you get a chance, go join in the fun at Inkurable Stampers, this month Sarah has a really cool colour combo of orange,black and white. I still have to do that challenge! I love owls- think they are so cute!I also love how you can use up stash making cards, I fear they are becoming addictive!!!
My next little layout is for the recipe scrap for FOREVER ALWAYS. Kye had this recipe, lovingly shared by Sonia, for us all this week. I love these, they are so much fun to do. I still have to do the previous one, just haven't gotten to it yet;0This one used up more bits from my ever-growing paper collection!!!Oh, and it's Kaiser too,lol!
Isn't she sweet? That is our new baby, Nelly. She is such a cute little girl, and just fabulous with the kids too....we love her to bits!Mind you, it was bloody hard to get her to sit still for a photo!

My Puzzle Sketches layout for April. This is Jacob's money pit...but I love the Nissan too! We have had it for ages, and I realised that I haven't any photos of it, so I was playing with my camera the other night, and snapped away some shots of the truck. I think Jacob even liked this page:)

I went and checked out Aussie Pub Calls the other day, and found Cuttlebug Challenge-well, hands up if you're like me, and have a Cuttlebug that you don't use nearly enough?So, I jotted down the sketch, and made this one for my nephew's upcoming birthday in May. I love the way this turned out! The papers are from Stampin' Up, the Outlaw range. I will be following their blog now, to make better use of my Cuttlebug!

Well, that's all for now folks! I still have a couple up my sleeve to share, just can't quite yet;) Talk soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More to share!

Well, March is gone, and with it has another chunk of the year...I can't believe that it is April Fool's Day today!Did anyone get tricked? I didn't, but with a headache, I haven't been jolly, so I don't think anyone was up for playing tricks,lol!Some scrappy stuff to share- I don't remember whether or not I already uploaded this one- it's the Mersyndol and Anagraine fuzz, sorry! This was my Puzzle Sketches entry for March. I just adore this photo of Cheyenne, she is soo sweet! I think I will scrap this photo a hundred times!!!
I had planned on scrapping today, but other plans were sent, so I didn't. I really want to get started fro April, but I don't think I could concentrate, which really bums me out:( It's Recipe scrap night at Forever Always tonight- but I will do it tomorrow I think.I don't normally scrap throughout the day, but I am willing to make an exception!!!:)

Don't forget to check out Songbird Scraps for April- the first challenge is up!!! Make sure you drop by, as there are some fabbo prizes up for grabs- MUMMABUSHKA PAPERS!!! Now who could resist that???? Here is my layout for the first layout challenge for April:)

I did this layout to remind myself in years to come, how scared I was of my new camera! Honestly, I swore I was gonna break something on it, or jinx it! I have 3d raised the flower cluster on the left, and treid to not detract from the photo too much. This is still one of my favourite shots I have taken, hopefully one of many to come!
So don't forget- go and check out SONGBIRD SCRAPS- with Hunters And Collectors, or Pete Murray to choose from, you're sure to find inspiration!