Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

Hark-I hear angels! As a matter of fact-I hear two in particular, the sweet cherubs in this photo! I have finished my swap layout with the HUGELY amazing scrapper friend of mine, Nicole.Isn't the photo divine?I am so pleased with this layout-I think I have captured the way I scrap, and combined it with a layout that Nic would like too.At this moment, it is travelling somewhere between Queensland, and Victoria.I hope that Nicole gets it tomorrow.If you are peeping this way Nic, I hope that it looks nicer for you in real life, so that my post hasn't spoiled your surprise:) I really loved doing this, once I got over my nerves. Oh, and the finished layout does look fractionally different to this, as I thought it just needed a little more.

I am really excited as my first ever layout sent to BasicGrey was accepted into their gallery! It is a little hard to go wrong with their yummy paper range, but I was still stoked.

Work has been chaotic, today I could have done with another four arms,lol, one to catch fish, one to answer the phone, one to operate the computer with the new stock coming in, and I think the other one would have opened a Bourbon!!! I'm glad it's been busy, as Jacob will probably take a few days off over the holiday period now, so it will have been worth it.I have spoiled him rotten this year, normally I tell him what one of his pressies is, as I get so caught up in the spirit.......however, he has been cocky, and thinks I will tell him, as relayed to me by his Dad.Well, I have news for him-HE WILL HAVE TO WAIT HA! He is rather happy , as his bike woes are now fixed, after three bikes, and he now has a toy:) Quite funny actually, he and jis dad were both playing with their remote cars today, and the fools ran into EACH OTHER, ROFLMAO!!! Jacob had to ring me and tell me, and shortly thereafter, his dad ran his car into a palm tree..... I swear they'll never grow up!

On that note, I best be off! Thanks for taking a peep into my corner of the world, and I will have to add some more links etc on my next post...Hark, do you hear angels:)?

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Official-I'm a

Singstar!!!! I had a bash tonight with Bianca, and after three in a row of being labelled a "singstar", I was politely asked to go away:( Just when I had found agroove too:( Of all the songs to sing, I chose Alice Cooper's "Poison", and achieved 9720 points! I was a little shocked myself.....It has been simply ages since I sang, and I had kinda forgotten just how much I love it.I think that Singstar will cop a beating on Christmas Day, lol~!

I have been whacked this week, I haven't managed my time too well I don't think, and my scrapping has suffered.I have to finish my swap layout with Nicole, and I am sooo nervous to stitch on her layout.I should probably just bite the bullet and do it,but.... what if I don't do very well? I have asked her opinion of what she wopuld prefer I do, so I will wait till I hear from her methinks:)

Finished my clock that we did for a class with the ever-so-talented Jody! I love it, and feel sad to be giving it to Nanny now.I did , however purchase another clock, so I can make my own:)

I know the photo is a little blurry, but you get the idea.I also have three layouts on the go for various challenges, so I will have to get them completed!

I won soo many goodies from Forever Always, and received my Secret Santa from Sonia this week-wowee Heidi Swapp galore-I was stoked!!!

Bianca achieved another Academic Medallion this year, with even better grades than last year too.This year she got all vha's , bar one, which was a ha for P.E. I am sooo proud! I closed the shop for an hour yesterday to go and watch their end of year pageant, 'Away in a Manger"-very cute, with some amusing costumes, lol!The "donkey" wore a brown towel:) Bianca got right into the singing,and actions, much to her Poppys' mirth!

Oh well, my scrapping is calling, and since I've not done much, I think I must heed the call:) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A big weekend

This weekend has been hectic.... crop night on Friday night, work on Saturday,and fiddling about here at home to get the little things done before Santa arrives. My mission tomorrow is to clean fans, a/c , all the boring stuff that no-one will probably take any notice of on Christmas Day, but I still want to be sure it's spotless-JUST IN CASE!

Jacob got his new motorbike on Friday, and after all of the stuffing us about, it doesn't run properly, it floods, and we suspect the carby is dodgy.I swear the bike is cursed.. oh well, Jacob plans to ring them tomorrow, to arrange to go and get another one.. bike number three.I just hope that we don't have these problems with the kid's quad for Christmas.

I have entered a design team comp with MYSTICAL SCRAPBOOKS. They announce the winners on the 20th December. I have looked at the other entries, and the work of the other participants is stunning.Fingers crossed, I may be lucky enough to get a six month spot, who knows? I entered three layouts, and one off the page item.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What a day!

Had THE best birthday today! It started off great, and just got better.I had messages before I got out of bed,(makes you feel important,lol) and thenhad a blast with Krissy and Nichole, and kids.Krissy and Allan gave me some goodies, a Kaiser tab album, Christams papers, storage folder( I do believe a scrapper cannot have enough storage)flocked papers, and some pearls-yahoo! Feel totally spoilt:) Went to class at the wonderful CREATED BY YOU this evening, and a surprise had been planned, with party hats, Pavlova(yum), and the naughty Nic shouting me some lesson for my birthday.All the girls had photos taken, and celebrated with me, and it was really lovely, I am sooo lucky to know such wonderful ladies! If anyone is reading this, I was flattered to spend my birthday with you! Thankyou! We made a yummy clock, which I am nearly finished, and will post when it is done.Too bad I told the family it was a pressie for Christmas-it looks too nice to give away! Oh well, any excuse to make another will do;)

I did a layout about the lovely Nichole for a Shallenge- the criteria was to utilise arrows, two patterned papers,and a large b&w photo.I was really pleased with it, though I haven't shown the hoebag yet!!!!!Luv ya Nic!
Ican hear my clock calling me to go and finish it..........bye for now, and thanks for reading the days of my life:)


Here are the two layouts- I did the wrong thing before.Thanks for taking a peep!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay, here I am, all by my lonesome on my birthday morn! I am now 32! Can't wait to see what the later hours of the day bring! I am off to spend the day( after some sleep:) with Nichole and Krissy, for lunch at Nic's new house. Woohoo!
I think I have a broken toe.Bloody grates over the drains out the back-Aleisha thinks they are great toys-I think they are a great way to fall over and mangle your toe,grr.
I did these layouts for Forever Always-I won a goody bag with the We go Together one.I will be stalking the postman!The Breathtaking one was fro a word challenge on Forever Always.I have been wanting to use the photos of my flowers for awhile now, and this seemed the perfect layout for them.I get to choose the next word for the challenge, on Thursday! I am thinking I may choose "believe".Well. bye for now:)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Yay -it's a blog!

Well, at last I have done it! After procrastinating for months, I have a blog! Woohoo!I guess it will become more exciting once I know how to use it all, but hey-I am getting things down now!So much scrapping to do, my list just keeps growing, at present I aim to complete about 26 layouts this month.I really shouldn't burn the candle at both ends, but it is sooo addictive.I have been scrapping up a storm with layouts from Forever Always, and Scrap To The Max of late, and I am going to try out for Mystical Scrapbooks design team.I finally feel confident in my own scrapping!
Well, must go-it's an ungodly hour, and the eyelids are droopy....zzzzz.