Monday, July 13, 2009


Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, this here is a mammoth post!!!So much has happened the past idea where to start,so I will start with the bad stuff. I haven't been around much due to the untimely hospital stay that Bianca and I had. Before I go any further,a HUGE thankyou to all of the staff in Surf ward at the Royal Children's Hospital-thanks for looking after Bianca so well,and being such Wonder Nurses!! To Dr McBride, and Dr Alex-thankyou for performing the surgery...Bianca has done so well, and chats about how nice you both were to her;) Bianca had to have her appendix removed , as they had ruptured-very scary, very agonising for her, and a lengthy operation due to an abcess that had formed behind the appendix.With the recovery, and the fact that I have just been plum tired trying to catch up again, this is why i haven't been blogging as regularly as I promised. But I'm baaaack!!
Oh, I finished my camera course-boohoo. I would go there all YEAR if I could!!! We had a great time again, and I learned heaps from the camera guru himself,Peter. Here he is , receiving his thankyou bottle of refreshment, and no-one has seen him since,lol!!!I reckon that white bear bottle would be very yummy...... I made him a card,using my Darkroom Door Photography stamps,he loved it:) I put a shot of our class in the card for him too, and we all chipped in for his Bundy,but I got him the good stuff,he deserves to be spoiled! This man is such a great teacher, I can't thank him enough for changing me from a timid camera owner, to a person who wants to take their camera EVERYWHERE!!
Thanks Pete!!!
I have finally been scrapping again-OMG I have missed it heaps!!!I went to my friend Julie's last Saturday night, for a scrap session, and got two layouts done,gotta love that. I have also been chatting up a storm at FOREVER ALWAYS, and at BONS SCRAPS too. So many lovely ladies to chat to!!!
I have tackled my first sketch challenge for the month, at the FABULOUS FOREVER ALWAYS. Renae inspired this fabulous sketch over at FA- drop into the gallery and check it out-it is GORGEOUS!!! I would give you all alink, but I dunno how to do that:( One day I will get the hang of it,lol! But go and see the July Sketch, it is fabulous, and there are heaps of other lovely works of scrappy art to inspire you at Forever Always too,oh and it's CYBERCROP time this weekend as well!!!Oh, here is my layout that I did for the July Sketch, I turned it to accomodate my photo. I got to use my Glimmermist that I bought at the expo(Nic you super saleswoman you-so glad I watched your tutorial!!!)I used it on the Grungeboard flourishes.

I really need to start photographing my layouts with the Canon.They don't look as sharp on the little point and shoot! Loved this sketch Sonia, and Renae, and thanks for inspiring me like you always do!!!:)
Here is my layout for SONGBIRD SCRAPS first July challenge-the song is "MINT CAR" by The Cure.I haven't jouranlled on this yet, as I want to put some special stuff on there for Aleisha-this was taken on her birthday:) Yeehaw!!I did this one at Julie's , it just kinda fell together, definitely not how it started out!!!
This is my July layout for the first sketch of the month at Black Magic .This month we have a palette of Burnt Orange,Green,Cream,red, and Black.the technique is embossing.Here is my take on the first sketch:-

Love the Webster's alphas on here! Lucky the sheet has heaps!!!I think I will use them alot! I bought them with my winnings from Bon's May sketch:)
On the weekend I went to the Abbey Medieval Fest, with Chris and Julie from my camera courses.OMG-I had a ball, tok heeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps of photos too! Here are some faves,in no particular order, these are just some of the many that I have uploaded from my camera. Let me just say, if you have never been to one of these,go the next time you get the opportunity-it was great fun!And the photographic topics!!!! This Turkish Dancer was just gorgeous....

Her costume was beautiful, very detailed, and she danced so elegantly too. The costumes were divine!!!
I also watched the Turkish Oil Wrestling-very funny-to think that in Medieval times, men did this until some of them died of exhaustion...roflmao...the gist of this is, they get smeared in Extra Virgin Olive oil(only the good stuff,lol) and then they wrestle in these pants that weigh 13kg or so. If they can't get a hold on the opponent properly, they can stick their hand down the opponents pants(?) and grab them by the bottom hem, and throw them to the ground. When these guys did that to eahc other, the crowd got very loud, and laughed so hard, that in the end, they cracked up laughing too!!!It was very entertaining, and I had a good chuckle!!

The Tourney of these men was great to watch-men fighting in chain mail-YAY!!! I really loved all things Medieval when I was younger, and it was my faveourite segment of Ancient History,next to Egypt. seeing the period costumes was fantastic, and some of them looked so authentic. All day ,I was spoken to in Ye Olde English-buying a drink was like you were royalty-m'lady! Very funny!!

The combat was awesome to watch!!!^^^^^ this is one of my faves from the day.

I think these guys fought the longest! One guy took three attempts to be "killed off", he just kept getting back up with smaller and smaller weapons,roflmao. Here is another dancer-this was taken just before the grand finale.Again, the most exquisite costume:) I am just sad her eyes aren't a bit sharper,but with a long lens,zoomed up, I was just happy to have her in the shot,lol!Especially hand-held:)

Now for my MOST FAVOURITE PART of the whole day-the fantabulous JOUST TILT!!!!!!! These riders were nothing short of spectacular to watch,my only regret is that we weren't higher up in the Grandstand, so we didn't have bars to contend with:( But this was where my camera lessons came in soo handy, using autofocus on a point,switching to manual, and panning with the horses-the shots were pretty clear considering. These competitors hit HARD, and the horses were so stunning-one a huge Percheron Black Stallion...he was magnificent. The regalia was just perfect,the horses looked like they had stepped out of a castle somewhere. These guys(oh and ladies too)travel the world doing this, one of them is an 8 year world Joust champion.... it was fantastic!!!!

The horse on the left of this shot was called Goblin-he was gorgeous too. He and his rider are the Champions at present, and have been 8 times...his horse would rear on command, made the whole thing more theatrical. Just awesome!!!The best $2 I ever spent!!!Needless to say, I took lots of the Jousting:):):)

Well, that's all from mre for now-be back soon, with more photos! Take care, and thanks for stopping in:)