Wednesday, January 20, 2010


that is what I have convinced myself that 201o should be all about-FOCUS! After a rather long hiatus from bloggin,scrapbooking,and generally anything crafty or remotely relaxing, I have made an executive decision to focus on the things most important to me this year. In no particular order(excluding the first one) Family, myself,friends,reading, crafty stuff, and Photography. This year will be full of highs and lows, I am certain,but I wasted a great part of 2009 procrastinating, and in a worrisome dither for much of the second half. No more! I have reacquainted myself with my treadmill, restored my goals, and am eagerly looking forward to the rest of the year!
I haven't done much in the creative way for awhile now-however, I have become THOROUGHLY addicted to Cardmaking......omg, I love it!!!All of those lonely scraps relegated to a paper holder ahve once again seen the light of day! Stamps are being used once again, and I am spreading ink with gay abandon:) Oh, and lovin' it! Here is a card I made for Aleisha's little school mate just before Christmas. Apparently it went down a treat:) Gotta love those Kaiser papers, and how cute is that monkey???? I am loving brights again too. I have evolved lol...:0
My next little creation was for my friend's youngest son's birthday-how hard is it to make cards for young men/boys???Luckily Clayton is a little hoon,so I could use the CM stickers I have left over from previous projects, making a Diorama card for him.I found it hard to show the dimesion well, but there is three sections. I loved this one.
I have also been spreading my Photographic wings a little,taking the plunge with my first paid shoot. Please bear with me-the photos here are unedited-I dunno how to use Photoshop yet(thought I do have Elements now:)) and so these are straight off camera. I took HEAPS of shots, and have come to the conclusion that childrens' photographers are truly in a league of their own:) Two hours flew by so quickly, and I took something like 50 shots.....some keepers,some bad,but it is a learning curve,and overall, I was stoked to take a shot like this, as J was swinging by..:)!

His little brother *j* was a bit more challenging to photograph,but this photo is him to a tee. Such cute little men, and very funny!

Well, I know I have been absent for ages, and don't blame anyone for not looking,lol! I do solemnly vow to return more often!! I am off to visit the gorgeous FOREVER ALWAYS, catch up with some lovely lasses there and start some scrapping for 2010. Happy New Year to all!!!