Sunday, August 23, 2009

A lot to share

Well, it has been ages since I blogged, I know. Everything has been so hectic of late, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day anymore!So, I got to it tonight, and decided to overhaul the blog, and post too!
I haven't been scrapping as much recentl;y, as a matter of fact, I hadn't been in my room much for WEEKS( unheard of)but the last two weeks have seen my mojo return:) Lovin it!! I have been pottering around with some different stuff, and also using stash that I have had for yonks too- always a bonus!!!
Today, we went to a Cool Companions party for one of Aleisha's school friends. The kids had a ball- there were three lizards, a Shingleback, a Blue Tongue,and a Spiky Tailed, also two snakes( shudder) a turtle( which slept through the party,lol) and a CROCODILE!!! His name was Snappy Tom, and he was a huge hit with the kids! Any how, I took the camera along-really hard spot to get decent shots, and I couldn't ask the dude to move all the critters for camera position,lol. Aleisha loved Stripey the Blue Tongue, and had a hold:) Bianca was zooming about too, and she loves the snakes-so she had her photo taken with one- the kids had to stand like "trees", hence the folded arms,lol!
I can't remember this snake's name- but it was only a wee one:) I decided to be brave- more for the fact that all the kids there are in Aleisha's class, and I help out, and they would never let me live it down if I didn't have a go- I am so proud, I held a SNAKE!!!!!! For those that know me, I am PERTIFIED, SCRAED S #*tless, of snakes, and of course, I enede up with the BIGGEST ruddy one there-her name was Olive Python, and I think about 5ft long-what was I thinking?????? I forgot to upload the photo,der, so will share next time...still can't believe I did it.
Now, for some exciting news- BON'S SCRAPS IS LOOKING FOR DESIGN TEA MEMBERS!!! Could it be you? The comp starts this week, and there are a few things you need to know before you put your name down to try out!!
*** You must be a regular forum user, chat like you would if on the team,start discussions,etc.
*** There are two spots available.
***There are four rounds to the competition.
***Registraiotn is on now- so get over there and register, chat as you would regularly, and give it a go!! Bons is a lovely place to visit- great forum, lots of laughs, and an inspiring gallery too!!!
I have done some layouts for some recent Bon's challenges-firstly Sandie's August class- this was fun, and I love having a laptop now!!

I didn't have the kit, so I improvised with what I had for this one- but such a fun layout to scrap!!! Thanks Sandie:)

I also did this one for the August sketch:) I apologise about the bad photo- long story, but the little camera I used is crap:(
Love how this turned out- used some old pp for it, and bitsand bobs from my stash- lov it!!

Now for my oops- I uploaded the wrong file....I am such a doofus with a computer!

Well, I am off to scrap some more! More coming to share, so stay tuned!!!!