Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look what I made last night....

I love using up scraps!I have a HUGE folder, with all these bits of card, and paper, that will probably never see the light of day again. I needed to make some birthday cards,and I also wanted to do the first card sketch for Miss Hippy Chick, where the gorgeous,divine, Renae is on the Design Team. I love these Kaiser papers, and had heaps left over, so I made this card for the first sketch.I haven't used my Cuttlebug much of late, so it got a workout too.:) This was a really easy sketch to work from! Go check it out!!!
I was in a cardmaking frame of mine then. So I dug out some stamps, and more scraps, and made this card for my B-I-L Richie. I find masculine stuff a lot harder than girlie stuff.But I was happy with this one. The card is made using the same sketch, just turned on it's side,and no taggy bit.I put some droplets on instead.
I'm off to finish my TBASC layout, I just need to stick everything down, hopefully before I go to work. Bye for now!

Friday, February 27, 2009

More to sneaky peeky at!

Yes, the above portion is a sneak peek at the layout I have done for the first March challenge at wonderful Songbird Scraps . The first challenge for March is only a day away now folks!I can't wait to see what everyone creates for this one,some fabulous lyrics to choose from:) My apologies if this photo looks a little funny, I had a dog trying to stick her head in the way, a cat who sat almoston top of my layout, and cloudy skies to contend with!Oh, and I think Jacob's camera has been "adjusted"by two lovely children. I was in a rush to get these photographed before work, and well, you know the rest.:)
I am looking forward to March! Our pool should be finished in the next day or so, andI have two field trips coming up in March for the course I am doing. I got my tripod yesterday-yahoo!Just a uv filter, and of all things, a cleaning kit to get for my camera, and I think I have all I will ever need. Oh, and a card reader too:0 The shopping list grows larger,lol!
In March, I want to get to all of the challenges that I missed this month, so I will have lots of layouts to share ! I did heaps of scrapping in Feb, but as there was so much I wanted to do, I ran out of time. But one good thing came of that, I am scrapping faster now,lol!
In January, I never got around to the Colour Combo challenge at FOREVER ALWAYS, but I did this month! I got three layouts done last night(can't share the others yet,sorry)and this was one of them:-

Isn't that just the most wicked little grin you've ever seen?Red is becoming a fave of mine now, I used to avoid it, but Sonia has got me addicted! The bonus on this layout was that I got to use up a sticker that I have had for SEVEN years! I bought that monster truck sticker when I first started scrapping, in was from my first shopping spree, at a LSS. They had this whole wall of stickers, and in those days I only knew of Creative Memories style of scrapping, and bought soooooo many stickers, it's ridiculous. So it was nice to use up something from a bygone era,lol!
Well, off to scrap some more, my layout for the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMP. at Forever Always is sitting on my table, waiting for me. I have some lovely Jose Cuervo Vivezo's waiting in the fridge too...yum:)
Have a good one, and see ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sneaky Peeky...

Hi folks....yes, I know I am fashionably late, but I had to get some sleep! I was absolutely exhausted, so decided that rather than half-assed scrapping, I would have an early night or two, and get back into it! As promised, here is a sneak peek into my layout for March - from BLACK MAGIC sketches....All will be revealed on the first of March, but let me say this...the first sketch is AWESOME!!!!!! I was stoked that I finally got to scrap some photos of a special nephew who always misses his time in the limelight somehow. I will post my Songbird sneaky as soon as I have finished fluffing about with my layout, just a few bits of fine-tuning left to do:)So you will have to wait...sorry:)
I had a humungous weekend scrapping my head off, for the cybercrop over at FOREVER ALWAYS. Awesome fun, and this time I finally got to play bingo!!!Yahoo- every single time it is on, I miss out:( This weekend though, I got to play, what a laugh!!!!Great fun, and a big thankyou to gorgeous Paula for staying sane, while we FA ladies went beserk!!!! I was so excited when i had a win too- woohoo!This is my layout for Challenge#4 from the cc. We had to use lyrics from a song,a heart, and a bottlecap- "You Light Up My Life" was my take.

For the second challenge, we had to use some form of hybrid scrapping, stitching,and family/friends as inspiration. Mr Giraffe, you have been scrapped!!!!!I had a visit from my friend of over sixteen years, Rob, a.k.a Giraffe.Thanks again for my fabbo stubby cooler for the bar Mr Raffe, and for being my friend through thick and thin:)I hope you like the layout-of course it had to have something to do with Holdens!!!!!:)))

The emblem was cut on our signcutter by my beloved Jacob, so that was the hybrid bit taken care of! For those that aren't aware, I really suck on a computer,lol!I also used a clothing tag from a shirt of mine,yes, I am a Holden fan too!
Started my Photography course last night, and it is excellent! I found my 450D very daunting, so many controls, and even after reading the manual a bit, I was lost.Last night, after some excellent tuition, the penny dropped, and now I am really looking forward to exploring the camera so much more!!!We have a field trip in two weeks, and I can't wait!
Alas, I must leave you now, but not without saying a big thankyou to all who leave me comments here, it is so nice of you to drop in and say hi! I am just trying share my work, have fun, and hopefully bring a smile too. Don't forget to check out the fabulous challenges on offer at my fave haunts... which reminds me, go check out DARKROOM DOOR,they are having a giveaway on their new products, for ten days- awesome stuff that Rachel has designed. I have loved her work ever since I started scrapping, she is super talented! Now I know where to find her I will have to put some more links in.
Thanks also to super,fabbo, lovely Renae, for all of her support-gorgeous lady!!!xxxoooo

Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's that fabbo time of the month again at FOREVER ALWAYS(my home away from home,lol),yep,you guessed it-CYBERCROP TIME!!!After awakening at the truly ridiculous hour of 5.15 a.m this morning, I got up and started scrapping...after all, everyone was asleep, and I didn't want to wake them with noises of me doing chores. Today has been an immensely scrappy day- I managed to get THREE-yup,count 'em-THREE cybercrop layouts done today!!!!Michelle is the official Cybercrop Queen this month, and the challenges are awesome!!!!!I haven't photographed two of my layouts, but I will upload them tomorrow.This is my layout for Challenge#1- Aleisha loves bowling, and relished partying with Bianca at the bowling alley for Bianca's recent birthday.Now that she is a big school girl, she can bowl herself, even carrying the ball to the frame. Not the best photo, as the Bowling centre was dark, but a cute photo still:)
Paula hosted the Recipe Scrap at FA this week. I love these nights! I have wanted to scrap these photos for weeks, and now I had the chance!I'm beginning to understand the fascination with heavy patterns on paper:)Miss Paula,if you have dropped by again-thanks for the inspiration!!!mwah!

The TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMP is still in full swing too. This week the theme is The Outback. You have colour choices, I chose the red/yellow combo, and scrapped some of Bianca's artwork from school. I hope when she grows up she will appreciate a scrappy mum, who kept every artwork possible to pass on!Isn't her mask great- they made them to celebrate Chinese New Year:)
Now for my super exciting news.......drumroll please!!!I have been chosen to be a Design Team member for BLACK MAGIC sketches!!!!!!I am only new to the site, butADORE the sketches!!! We have two challenges each month,with certain colour combos to follow, and sketch design too. So whether you are completely addicted to this craft(like moi)or are just looking for a cool challenge, why not check it out?!!!
At the moment I am working on two layouts:-my next layout for SONGBIRD SCRAPS( March challenges are awesome!!!) and my first DT layout for BLACK MAGIC. I will post little sneaks as I finish.Don't forget, you still have 7 days to complete your SONGBIRD layouts!!!
Be back tomorrow lovely visitors!!!:)Sleep tight!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I know you want!

For some reason I can't get the ruddy Demtel man outta my head....hence the title of this post!!!I have been scrapping along merrily these last few days, getting heaps don e, crossing things off my to- do list.The gorgeous Renae has added to my monthly to-do list now, as she was selected for the Miss-Hippy-Chick card Design Team! So, of course, I will play along at home! They have some fabbo sketches, so if you get the chance, go have a lookie! I love the layout I did for Scrapbook Savvy's scraplift. This photo of Cheyenne and I may not be the best photo, but I adore her, so I adore the photo too! Lately I have been venturing out of my safety zone a little- these Kaiser papers are a bit bright to what I would normally use, but they worked well here!Speaking of Kaiser, I have used heaps of their product of late-dunno why, their stuff has just grabbed me of late.
This layout of me(again a bright one,lol!) is for the second challenge for February, at Black Magic sketches. Again, you had to use certain colours with the sketch- I'm lovin' the owls!!! Never used Three Bugs In A Rug papers before, but I thought these were fabbo!If you haven't already-go check out BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES-they rock!!!!!!!!!!:)

Getting photos of Jacob is rather like pulling teeth, so I was stoke d to get these of him and Aleisha playing on the quad.Of all things, Jacob decided to climb the step with the bike...nearly got run over taking one of these!!!Fun stuff, that happened on Bianca's birthday.....I need to take more of these sorts of photos! Just random stuff,capturing our day-to-day. This layout is for the Savvy Ad challenge, set by Kerryn. I loved this one, but kept it pretty simple.
I am on the countdown now, only 5 days to go til I start my Photography course!!!!To say I am stoked is somewhat of an understatement, I truly cannot wait! I have been poring over my user manual, to try and be ready:)
Don't forget- the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMPETITION is still in full swing over at the Forever Fantastic FOREVER ALWAYS!!!!! If that isn't enough to tempt you, we have Recipe Scrap tonight,(a personal fave of mine) and cybercrop this weekend-woohoo!

On that note I will leave you now....lots of odd jobs to do today! It's raining, and I am feeling like organising, so my cupboards will be all refreshed by the end of the day:) Take care, and please, if you can, put aside some time to support the wonderful Sara Gladman's Memory gift appeal, for those who have lost everything in the Victorian Bushfires.As a scrapper, i would be devastated if it happened to me, so let's hope we can bring a glimmer of a smile back to someone who has lost so much. All of us have sketches laying about for inspiration, and what better way to utilise those pp's you were gonna use , one day. Take care:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

At last-a chance to blog!

Lots to share too!!!! We have been super busy here of late, and I have been baking and all sorts too, and having some much needed me and significant other time! Jacob and I have sat up chatting and telly watching, and I have loved just "being" with him. I have major scrapping withdrawals though! Here is my latest edition for the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMPETITION over at the ever fantastic FOREVER ALWAYS!! We had some pieces, like Puzzle Sketches( oops, mental note, haven't done Feb challenge yet!) and we could only add one more thing, and we had to use either photos of a building, or a bridge.I took these pjotos from Bribie last year, and they have been in the "To Scrap" pile....well, not anymore, they are now scrapped!I took ages to get this one done- thankfully I am off and running with this weeks challenge though! Here is my February White With One layout- I totally love how this turned out! It's not often that the creaive path stays true...this one looks exactly like it did in my head! I reckon I will still be scrapping Malissa's wedding shots for the next three years,lol!Jacob had to help me drive my circle cutter though-it has been yonks since I used it, and lateral thinking just wasn't happening the other night!
If you get the chance, zip over to Inkurable Stampers....I did this card for Sarah's latest challenge, which is a technique called Soot Stamping. She has an AWESOME tutorial on her blog, and she is a wonderful supporter of those who have lost so much in the Victorian Bushfires. Oh, and this was kinda fun!!!

Yeah, I know, perhaps a little plain, but I wanted it to look a little elegant, as it was for my friend's 40th.Then I changed my mind, as it is my S-I-L Tammy's birthday next week, and she loves handmade it's hers now,lol! But I have stocked up on gloss card to make more:)

If you haven't already- don't forget to check out the latest SONGBIRD SCRAPS challenge- the Creative Team ladies( my fellow team members, who are SUPERDUPER creative- have all got our samples up for you to see. Here is mine:-

My B-I-L is such a big kid, and I swear he only operates machinery so that he never loses the kid in a sandpit feeling! When he dug out our yard the other week for our pool, he was pulling stunts and moves on the machine...just like a boy with his Tonka trucks, so of course, I had to take some shots!!! Richie you have been scrapped too now! I loive how all of the team have come up with something totally different too- I wanted a masculine feel to mine, hope I did it!!!
Well, my muffins are cooked, better go take them from the oven! I will be back later to do more blog updating,links and stuff! Ciao for now!:) Thanks for stopping by my realm!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Woohoo- some prizes!!!!!!!

So excited to learn today that I had won a prize from the January SCRAP THE GIRLS challenge! I have won a voucher to spend at Bon's scraps.....more stash,lol! I also won some lovely dollars off ata the glorious FOREVER ALWAYS last week too:) I have to go and figure out what to buy:)
I have had a great time scrapping the last few days-I have done the second week layout for the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMPETITION over at FA. We had the theme,"The Bush" this week...with the choice of two sets of lyrics to use. I chose an all time fave,'Waltzing Matilda", and used this photo of a lamb for my Jolly Jumbuck page. This one had me stumped for days, but I got there in the end. I also got into the February Scrapjack of Kate Mason's layout- I just love this photo of my nephew Taylor, and got a bit grungy with the painted background.It just fell together,which was great,as that doesn't happen too often for me:)
Oh, and as promised, here is the full version of my C.T layout for SONGBIRD SCRAPS first challenge.....not just a sneak peek. I have scrapped this photo of Jacob before, but photos of him are rare, so I usually get more than one layout from a shot! He has been a hapless camera victim of late though, asd he has been doing things that he can't avoid the camera with,hehehehe.

Lately I have used a bit of stash that has been kicking around for awhile-next time you scrap,take a glance through your stash, what you are looking for may be right under your nose! Don't forget the awesome challenges at FA, Songbirds, and the ones I haven't got to yet, from Savvy.....loads of scrapping fodder!Seeya soon- I am off to scrap some more!

Friday, February 6, 2009

More to share.....

Over at FOREVER ALWAYS we have just started the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMPETITION. This is my layout for week one, The Coast challenge. We had to utilise a white background,bright colours(eek!) transparency, with the sketch. I took these photos yeras ago from the Champagne Pools boardwalk, and our campsite on Fraser Island.They suited the challenge perfectly. If you need some inspiration, come over and check out what the other fabbo ladies have created! I love the Recipe Scraps held at FA twice a month too. This was wednesday's recipe, the chef for this one was the fabulous michelle! Thanks so much for the recipe for this one Michelle, I absolutely love the way it turned out! I have had these Kaiser papers for awhile, waiting for that special time to use them...and use them I have!
Also this omnth, the Design Team ladies have issued a challenge of 'Tell That Story". I had this photo of me with niece Charita, and we have had a huge year of ups and downs, so I used some scrap bits and bobs, and did a layout with lots of journalling too. Love the Teresa Collins range!

Here is my take on the Forever Always February sketch- this page was fun to do! More Kaiser waterberry,but it just looked cute with the photos of Cheyenne. Two layouts in one night is a bonus for me...I am such a slooooowwww scrapper,and am indecisive. With this sketch, it just fell together, you've gotta love it when that happens!
Don't forget to check out this month's firsat challenge at SONGBIRD SCRAPS!!!! You have your choice of two sets of lyrics you can use, I chose the Jason Mraz one for my layout- which reminds me, I forgot to upload it,der! I have to pop in later, so I will do it then!I know I would stuff up the post if I try now,lol!
Well, off for some gardening, then baking Sonia's fabulous Double Choc Macadamia cookies for Bianca's party this weekend....that's if they make it til then! Bye for now!!!
Oh, I have two awards now-so stoked, I just can't get them up here......technologically challenged,lol!