Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I know you want!

For some reason I can't get the ruddy Demtel man outta my head....hence the title of this post!!!I have been scrapping along merrily these last few days, getting heaps don e, crossing things off my to- do list.The gorgeous Renae has added to my monthly to-do list now, as she was selected for the Miss-Hippy-Chick card Design Team! So, of course, I will play along at home! They have some fabbo sketches, so if you get the chance, go have a lookie! I love the layout I did for Scrapbook Savvy's scraplift. This photo of Cheyenne and I may not be the best photo, but I adore her, so I adore the photo too! Lately I have been venturing out of my safety zone a little- these Kaiser papers are a bit bright to what I would normally use, but they worked well here!Speaking of Kaiser, I have used heaps of their product of late-dunno why, their stuff has just grabbed me of late.
This layout of me(again a bright one,lol!) is for the second challenge for February, at Black Magic sketches. Again, you had to use certain colours with the sketch- I'm lovin' the owls!!! Never used Three Bugs In A Rug papers before, but I thought these were fabbo!If you haven't already-go check out BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES-they rock!!!!!!!!!!:)

Getting photos of Jacob is rather like pulling teeth, so I was stoke d to get these of him and Aleisha playing on the quad.Of all things, Jacob decided to climb the step with the bike...nearly got run over taking one of these!!!Fun stuff, that happened on Bianca's birthday.....I need to take more of these sorts of photos! Just random stuff,capturing our day-to-day. This layout is for the Savvy Ad challenge, set by Kerryn. I loved this one, but kept it pretty simple.
I am on the countdown now, only 5 days to go til I start my Photography course!!!!To say I am stoked is somewhat of an understatement, I truly cannot wait! I have been poring over my user manual, to try and be ready:)
Don't forget- the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMPETITION is still in full swing over at the Forever Fantastic FOREVER ALWAYS!!!!! If that isn't enough to tempt you, we have Recipe Scrap tonight,(a personal fave of mine) and cybercrop this weekend-woohoo!

On that note I will leave you now....lots of odd jobs to do today! It's raining, and I am feeling like organising, so my cupboards will be all refreshed by the end of the day:) Take care, and please, if you can, put aside some time to support the wonderful Sara Gladman's Memory gift appeal, for those who have lost everything in the Victorian Bushfires.As a scrapper, i would be devastated if it happened to me, so let's hope we can bring a glimmer of a smile back to someone who has lost so much. All of us have sketches laying about for inspiration, and what better way to utilise those pp's you were gonna use , one day. Take care:)


Renae D* said... are rockin it em all but especially lovin the black magic LO....xx

Peggy said...

Beautiful LO's Shelly, and it seems to be the time for reorganizing cupboards, I've been doing that for two days now ... making more of a new mess rather than cleaning up LOL.
Have a great day
xxx Peggy

Paula said...

You are certainly on fire Shelly...gorgeous work!