Friday, February 27, 2009

More to sneaky peeky at!

Yes, the above portion is a sneak peek at the layout I have done for the first March challenge at wonderful Songbird Scraps . The first challenge for March is only a day away now folks!I can't wait to see what everyone creates for this one,some fabulous lyrics to choose from:) My apologies if this photo looks a little funny, I had a dog trying to stick her head in the way, a cat who sat almoston top of my layout, and cloudy skies to contend with!Oh, and I think Jacob's camera has been "adjusted"by two lovely children. I was in a rush to get these photographed before work, and well, you know the rest.:)
I am looking forward to March! Our pool should be finished in the next day or so, andI have two field trips coming up in March for the course I am doing. I got my tripod yesterday-yahoo!Just a uv filter, and of all things, a cleaning kit to get for my camera, and I think I have all I will ever need. Oh, and a card reader too:0 The shopping list grows larger,lol!
In March, I want to get to all of the challenges that I missed this month, so I will have lots of layouts to share ! I did heaps of scrapping in Feb, but as there was so much I wanted to do, I ran out of time. But one good thing came of that, I am scrapping faster now,lol!
In January, I never got around to the Colour Combo challenge at FOREVER ALWAYS, but I did this month! I got three layouts done last night(can't share the others yet,sorry)and this was one of them:-

Isn't that just the most wicked little grin you've ever seen?Red is becoming a fave of mine now, I used to avoid it, but Sonia has got me addicted! The bonus on this layout was that I got to use up a sticker that I have had for SEVEN years! I bought that monster truck sticker when I first started scrapping, in was from my first shopping spree, at a LSS. They had this whole wall of stickers, and in those days I only knew of Creative Memories style of scrapping, and bought soooooo many stickers, it's ridiculous. So it was nice to use up something from a bygone era,lol!
Well, off to scrap some more, my layout for the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMP. at Forever Always is sitting on my table, waiting for me. I have some lovely Jose Cuervo Vivezo's waiting in the fridge too...yum:)
Have a good one, and see ya tomorrow!

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