Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home From Holidays:)

Fraser Island was just as gorgeous as I remember from our last visit. This time,however,I took some better photos than last trip:) Every day the whales came past where we were camped, on their way for babies, and it was gorgeous to see them. The only downfall was they were too far out to photograph,and it was too windy and choppy to boat it out there to take shots:( I didn't take as many photos as I would've liked to, I was crook as a dog, and it was so windy, I just wasn't ready to wreck my camera. These little Pellies came by one afternoon, and let me get quite close-I took a few of them:) They will be scrapped for sure!!Will share more of my feathered friends once I have taken them all off the Canon.
I have been making cards today, for World Card Making Day! I have yet to photograph all of them, but I made this one for my little nieces' birthday in two days:) I used my DARKROOM DOOR Butterflies stamp set,and some SU stamps on the inside. This card is for Rachel's challenge over at Darkroom Door, for cardmaking day:) If you haven't tried their stamps, you really should-they are top quality, and give a stunning crisp image every time. They are a fave of mine:)

Not the best shot I am afraid,but it was a tad blowy here today! You have until midnight Monday night to upload your creation-go check it out!!
I was super honoured to be Guest Design Team member at FOREVER ALWAYS in September:) Part of my duties involved creating a layout for the Recipe Scrap on the 30th September. I did this one, and all of the layouts the girls have done for this are FABULOUS!! I was so stoked to have them join in with me:) Love these CM papers:)

I also got my entry in for Scrapping Word Pictures challenge for September- I remembered-YAY! This one was also done using the CM papers, and a photo of my wedding car...well, hopefully:) I LOVE Troy's F-truck-it is such a groovy truck!! I keep asking him to swap for my Camry,but alas, he hasn't taken me up on the offer yet,roflmao,can't think why......

Okay, some more Fraser piccies for you. This is the Maheno shipwreck,which has deteriorated somewhat since we last went to Fraser. I really wanted sunset shots,but things were against me, and I quickly jumped out the car to take what I could.

See that aqua water-it was like that in so many spots,just gorgeous. The photos aren't doctored( I don't know how,lol) but it was hard to really show the rich aqua it was.
Sunset time from our camp,looking toward the cape.

This shows the water a little better. I took this one from on the rocks at Champagne Pools...nearly got VERY wet in one photo! Lots of Mr Sharky's out there though:)

Back to scrapping, this is a close-up of my vines and 3d flower for teh Sept CC challenge at FA. Miss Bianca's grade four photo:)

She is such a mop head,lol! I don't think any hair product will ever tame that hair!!!
The ANATS (A Novel approach To Scrapbooking) challenge is in full swing over at Forever Always-this month we had to do a layout with a) something gold
b) 4 different pp's
c)hidden journalling, and
d) title from a chapter in the book-"Flowers In The Attic". Oh I loved that series!!! I chose the title "Holidays", and came up with this;-

Aleisha in her grown-ups sunnies, on the way to Fraser:) The little owl is mounted on 3d tape, and slides out to reveal the journalling . Don't forget, there is a $30 book voucher up for grabs,from our sponsor Boomerang Books, so get your entry in!!
This month I am hoping to do so many layouts,get back in the groove. I would like to achieve all the FA, and Bon's layouts, 123,Scrapping Word Pictures, ARTastic, and Inkurable, to name a few. Well, see how it goes anyhoo!
Take care and thanks fro dropping in-you know it makes my day when you do:) Ciao for now!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Forever Always Cybercrop this weekend!!!

Come one,come all, we're going to have a ball!!! There is even a challenge set by me-stay tuned ,and don't forget to go check it out at See you there!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sink your teeth into this!!!

Okay there everyone-I know I am a slack ass-it's just been super busy okay!!?? I have lots to share and tell, a Sneaky peeky, and some cards too:)
Firstly though-some exciting news!!! The lovley Sonia, from FOREVER ALWAYS, asked me to be a creative team member for thei r new challenge, that's happening each month at FA. i WAS SUPER CHUFFED, TO SAY THE LEAST!!! The challenge is called "A Novel Approach to Scrapbooking", and each month, we tale inspiration from awell known novel. Now, if you are a bookworm like me, you've just gotta join in. The sponsor, BOOMERANG BOOKS- they are giving a way a voucher for $30, to spend on more reading matter, each month,how cool is that???I'm excited:) This month, we are taking inspiration from the first installment of a fantastic series-you guessed it-TWILIGHT!!!! OMG- I loved those books, and what's more, we all have a natter about the book throughout the month too,so this month,there will be lots of chatter about Edward Cullen,lol! As an extra challenge, this month's layout had to be all red(VERY minimal black and white allowed)with a monochrome photo. I used this one of Nanny and Pop, as Twilight represents to me , the concept of eternal love, and I think that 60 years of wedded bliss is pretty close,don't you? You really must go check it out here

I have morer news to share too about FA soon- just uploaded in a wierd order though! Here is a sneaky peeky of the layout I have just finished for this month's Scrapping Word Pictures challenge. I love recipe scraps, so this was right up my alley-using mega cool Motor Grunge papers I bought, made by Creative Memories, of all people. So far , I have created two layouts, and a card from this kit, and still have some left:)Here is my sneak!
I found that mesh in my stash, I think it would be about 5 years old.....but I put it to good use:)
You have already seen the next one- computer challenged me uploaded the wrong file.....d'oh!

Moving right along, and here is the layout I did for LAST month's Scrapping Word Pictures-except I forgot to send my entry-d'oh! again....I thought I had sent it..oh well, I really like the page-Jacob's money pit:)

I am really enjoying being scrappy again-I did this one for the Blind Challenge over at A2Z Scraplets-this layout was created entirely from scraps in my stash-well the pp anyway:) I love the way it turned out, and I used a pre-digi photo too.

Life has been super hectic 'round here-so much going on. Yesterday, the girls and I went to my friend Julie's son's birthday. Her mum made this train cake-it was yummo,and doesn't it l;ook great?? Had to take a photo:) The top part of the engine is a chocolate scroll cake-it was soooooo yum!

I thought it was very cute!! Jackson was turning big 3-I made him a card from bits and bobs-and the girls couldn't wait to give it to Jackson...

Nothing flash, but I thought it came out cute for a little boy card:)
Now for a big boy card-a Father's Day one, made from the CM papers I have used on my layouts.Very big boyish-don't you think;)

My F-I-L is a hoon, so it was appropriate-Happy Father's Day Dad-hope you had a great day:) Jacob did,I think, even though I bought him a Toblerone , which I didn't know he doesn't like, and he already had his present three days ago....motorcross clothes. Aleisha bought him some choccies from the school stall-apparently they taste awful......aaaah well, lucky it's soon Christmas hey??
I had a win over at FA with this layout from the August sketch-I still love this photo, and have entered it into a photo comp. I have also won the honour of being a Guest Designer over at Fa this month-so go and join in my challenges!!!!I have a cool challenge coming up for the Cybercrop next weekend,sure to get the mojo flowing:) Thanks again Sonia, and the gorgeous DT at Fa!!! I do love it there:)

I was going to enter the Design Team competition at my other favourite place to chat and scrap- BON'S SCRAPS. However, with family commitments in a week or so(which I will have looooooaaaaadsss of photos to share from) I decided it wasbest to step aside, and let those that could properly fulfill the duties join in. I think I will just be patient for next year:) The new challenges are up for September at Bon's so go check them out-Charm's challenge is fab, Tam's room is gorgeous,and the list goes on, but I won't give it all away! I won a vouchree for a layout I did for Sandie's Blind Scrap-but Photobucket wasn't playing nice, so I will share that one next time:)
Well, thanks for stopping by my corner of the world-I think I might head for bed now-I went to a Lighting Course today, and studiedSpecular highlights,Polarization,and Umbra and penumbra my brain is kinda swirling with lots of info now!!! Think it needs a rest:) Bye for now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A lot to share

Well, it has been ages since I blogged, I know. Everything has been so hectic of late, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day anymore!So, I got to it tonight, and decided to overhaul the blog, and post too!
I haven't been scrapping as much recentl;y, as a matter of fact, I hadn't been in my room much for WEEKS( unheard of)but the last two weeks have seen my mojo return:) Lovin it!! I have been pottering around with some different stuff, and also using stash that I have had for yonks too- always a bonus!!!
Today, we went to a Cool Companions party for one of Aleisha's school friends. The kids had a ball- there were three lizards, a Shingleback, a Blue Tongue,and a Spiky Tailed, also two snakes( shudder) a turtle( which slept through the party,lol) and a CROCODILE!!! His name was Snappy Tom, and he was a huge hit with the kids! Any how, I took the camera along-really hard spot to get decent shots, and I couldn't ask the dude to move all the critters for camera position,lol. Aleisha loved Stripey the Blue Tongue, and had a hold:) Bianca was zooming about too, and she loves the snakes-so she had her photo taken with one- the kids had to stand like "trees", hence the folded arms,lol!
I can't remember this snake's name- but it was only a wee one:) I decided to be brave- more for the fact that all the kids there are in Aleisha's class, and I help out, and they would never let me live it down if I didn't have a go- I am so proud, I held a SNAKE!!!!!! For those that know me, I am PERTIFIED, SCRAED S #*tless, of snakes, and of course, I enede up with the BIGGEST ruddy one there-her name was Olive Python, and I think about 5ft long-what was I thinking?????? I forgot to upload the photo,der, so will share next time...still can't believe I did it.
Now, for some exciting news- BON'S SCRAPS IS LOOKING FOR DESIGN TEA MEMBERS!!! Could it be you? The comp starts this week, and there are a few things you need to know before you put your name down to try out!!
*** You must be a regular forum user, chat like you would if on the team,start discussions,etc.
*** There are two spots available.
***There are four rounds to the competition.
***Registraiotn is on now- so get over there and register, chat as you would regularly, and give it a go!! Bons is a lovely place to visit- great forum, lots of laughs, and an inspiring gallery too!!!
I have done some layouts for some recent Bon's challenges-firstly Sandie's August class- this was fun, and I love having a laptop now!!

I didn't have the kit, so I improvised with what I had for this one- but such a fun layout to scrap!!! Thanks Sandie:)

I also did this one for the August sketch:) I apologise about the bad photo- long story, but the little camera I used is crap:(
Love how this turned out- used some old pp for it, and bitsand bobs from my stash- lov it!!

Now for my oops- I uploaded the wrong file....I am such a doofus with a computer!

Well, I am off to scrap some more! More coming to share, so stay tuned!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, this here is a mammoth post!!!So much has happened the past idea where to start,so I will start with the bad stuff. I haven't been around much due to the untimely hospital stay that Bianca and I had. Before I go any further,a HUGE thankyou to all of the staff in Surf ward at the Royal Children's Hospital-thanks for looking after Bianca so well,and being such Wonder Nurses!! To Dr McBride, and Dr Alex-thankyou for performing the surgery...Bianca has done so well, and chats about how nice you both were to her;) Bianca had to have her appendix removed , as they had ruptured-very scary, very agonising for her, and a lengthy operation due to an abcess that had formed behind the appendix.With the recovery, and the fact that I have just been plum tired trying to catch up again, this is why i haven't been blogging as regularly as I promised. But I'm baaaack!!
Oh, I finished my camera course-boohoo. I would go there all YEAR if I could!!! We had a great time again, and I learned heaps from the camera guru himself,Peter. Here he is , receiving his thankyou bottle of refreshment, and no-one has seen him since,lol!!!I reckon that white bear bottle would be very yummy...... I made him a card,using my Darkroom Door Photography stamps,he loved it:) I put a shot of our class in the card for him too, and we all chipped in for his Bundy,but I got him the good stuff,he deserves to be spoiled! This man is such a great teacher, I can't thank him enough for changing me from a timid camera owner, to a person who wants to take their camera EVERYWHERE!!
Thanks Pete!!!
I have finally been scrapping again-OMG I have missed it heaps!!!I went to my friend Julie's last Saturday night, for a scrap session, and got two layouts done,gotta love that. I have also been chatting up a storm at FOREVER ALWAYS, and at BONS SCRAPS too. So many lovely ladies to chat to!!!
I have tackled my first sketch challenge for the month, at the FABULOUS FOREVER ALWAYS. Renae inspired this fabulous sketch over at FA- drop into the gallery and check it out-it is GORGEOUS!!! I would give you all alink, but I dunno how to do that:( One day I will get the hang of it,lol! But go and see the July Sketch, it is fabulous, and there are heaps of other lovely works of scrappy art to inspire you at Forever Always too,oh and it's CYBERCROP time this weekend as well!!!Oh, here is my layout that I did for the July Sketch, I turned it to accomodate my photo. I got to use my Glimmermist that I bought at the expo(Nic you super saleswoman you-so glad I watched your tutorial!!!)I used it on the Grungeboard flourishes.

I really need to start photographing my layouts with the Canon.They don't look as sharp on the little point and shoot! Loved this sketch Sonia, and Renae, and thanks for inspiring me like you always do!!!:)
Here is my layout for SONGBIRD SCRAPS first July challenge-the song is "MINT CAR" by The Cure.I haven't jouranlled on this yet, as I want to put some special stuff on there for Aleisha-this was taken on her birthday:) Yeehaw!!I did this one at Julie's , it just kinda fell together, definitely not how it started out!!!
This is my July layout for the first sketch of the month at Black Magic .This month we have a palette of Burnt Orange,Green,Cream,red, and Black.the technique is embossing.Here is my take on the first sketch:-

Love the Webster's alphas on here! Lucky the sheet has heaps!!!I think I will use them alot! I bought them with my winnings from Bon's May sketch:)
On the weekend I went to the Abbey Medieval Fest, with Chris and Julie from my camera courses.OMG-I had a ball, tok heeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps of photos too! Here are some faves,in no particular order, these are just some of the many that I have uploaded from my camera. Let me just say, if you have never been to one of these,go the next time you get the opportunity-it was great fun!And the photographic topics!!!! This Turkish Dancer was just gorgeous....

Her costume was beautiful, very detailed, and she danced so elegantly too. The costumes were divine!!!
I also watched the Turkish Oil Wrestling-very funny-to think that in Medieval times, men did this until some of them died of exhaustion...roflmao...the gist of this is, they get smeared in Extra Virgin Olive oil(only the good stuff,lol) and then they wrestle in these pants that weigh 13kg or so. If they can't get a hold on the opponent properly, they can stick their hand down the opponents pants(?) and grab them by the bottom hem, and throw them to the ground. When these guys did that to eahc other, the crowd got very loud, and laughed so hard, that in the end, they cracked up laughing too!!!It was very entertaining, and I had a good chuckle!!

The Tourney of these men was great to watch-men fighting in chain mail-YAY!!! I really loved all things Medieval when I was younger, and it was my faveourite segment of Ancient History,next to Egypt. seeing the period costumes was fantastic, and some of them looked so authentic. All day ,I was spoken to in Ye Olde English-buying a drink was like you were royalty-m'lady! Very funny!!

The combat was awesome to watch!!!^^^^^ this is one of my faves from the day.

I think these guys fought the longest! One guy took three attempts to be "killed off", he just kept getting back up with smaller and smaller weapons,roflmao. Here is another dancer-this was taken just before the grand finale.Again, the most exquisite costume:) I am just sad her eyes aren't a bit sharper,but with a long lens,zoomed up, I was just happy to have her in the shot,lol!Especially hand-held:)

Now for my MOST FAVOURITE PART of the whole day-the fantabulous JOUST TILT!!!!!!! These riders were nothing short of spectacular to watch,my only regret is that we weren't higher up in the Grandstand, so we didn't have bars to contend with:( But this was where my camera lessons came in soo handy, using autofocus on a point,switching to manual, and panning with the horses-the shots were pretty clear considering. These competitors hit HARD, and the horses were so stunning-one a huge Percheron Black Stallion...he was magnificent. The regalia was just perfect,the horses looked like they had stepped out of a castle somewhere. These guys(oh and ladies too)travel the world doing this, one of them is an 8 year world Joust champion.... it was fantastic!!!!

The horse on the left of this shot was called Goblin-he was gorgeous too. He and his rider are the Champions at present, and have been 8 times...his horse would rear on command, made the whole thing more theatrical. Just awesome!!!The best $2 I ever spent!!!Needless to say, I took lots of the Jousting:):):)

Well, that's all from mre for now-be back soon, with more photos! Take care, and thanks for stopping in:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

AC/DC, Convention, prizes, and more.....

That has been what my last (month-has it truly been so long???) has consisted of. I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many exciting things to share, and a few bits of scrapping, but not much:( The last few weeks have flown by, and I can honestly say, I haven't scrapped for nearly two weeks......I really miss it!!!
Firstly-huge thankyou's to a few peoples, whom are very special to me!!! Two lovely ladies I met at the convention in Brisbane-Lovely Louise Nelson, and Nicole Finlayson- two special scrap buddies, and truly inspiring , smashing people to spend the day with!!! I went in to the convention, my first time, on the public holiday, and met Lou and nic in real life, and they are SOOOOO FABULOUS!!!! Had an absolute ball, spent all my money(;) as you do!) and came home with Glimmermist and lovely stuff to play with-who could ask for more??? Thankyou for making my day so special Nic and Lou, and I just know it won't be the last time we meet!!! Another thankyou to Sue from ORANGE JELLY STAMPS!! My card above, won the Owl challenge that Sarahj from Inkurable Stampers featured on her blog recently-I took a photo of the stamps that I won, but Jacob has the little camera at work with him today, so I will share them later. They are awesome, and thanks again sooo much Sue!!! Can't wait to scrap again, and actually get to play with my stamps!!!!
I have still been chatting at my two favourite haunts, BONS SCRAPS, and FOREVER ALWAYS. Have an absolute swag of scrapping to do, and hope to get lots done before the end of the month!I did the Kitefest layout for FA'S 6th Birthday Extravaganza-I find bright colours so hard!!!
Well, in other news, Jacob and I got tickets to AC/DC!!!!!!!!I cannot wait!!!!This will be my second time to see them live, they really are just mind-blowing!!! Only another 8 months to go,lol!!! we are going along with our friends Carmen and Troy, so it will be a hoot! I know I will come home without a voice, oh, and with a new shirt of course:)
I started another course with my camera a few weeks ago, and I just love what we have been learning. I met up with some of my previous classmates, and we had a field trip to the city on Saturday. Took some great shots, one of which I absolutely love, but alas, I cannot share. We started the trip in Roma St Parklands, and while we were there, a wedding party came through-the bride looked absolutley STUNNING, and her bridesmaids had the richest ruby coloured dresses, just gorgeous.well, there we all were, cameras in hand as they came around the corner-the poor bride nearly died!!!Our instructor, Peter , asked the photographer and bride if we could take some photos, and they said yes, butwe aren't allowed to put them on the net or anything. I took one as they were "waltzing" and he spun her around and laids her backwards-I love the shot, and was so stoked to get it!!! We all had a great time, and watched the photographer in awe of her equipment!!!! Anyways, here are some I took on the night section of our trip-

Treasury Casino-all the people on the railing are people in my class-they had all finished snapping away, I had loaned my tripod , so took a few more when I got it back;) This one was taken from the river side.

My LSD photo,lol! I had a few attempts at this, zooming on a long shutter speed-my first one looked very psychedelic!!!A little TOOO much zoom!!! Good fun though! This is the casino from another side, don't know the name of the street, always get lost in Brisbane!!!

Light trails on North Quay. Unfortunately , no-one came toward me when I had the star filter for this shot;( But I still loved learning how they work, and playing!!!

Onw of my faves of the night-the Southbank Ferris Wheel. I am framing this one I think!!! We are now planning to meet up once a month to go out taking shots. Graeme, one of the other students, has bought a South East bushwalking book, so who knows where we will end up,lol!!!? I have another field trip this weekend, which will be fabbo!
I was especially lucky to be chosen for the Guest DT for AUSSIE SCRAPJACKED this month, by Gorgeous lou!!! Here is my take on the "jack". If you haven't checked them out-do go have a looksee!!!!

Lastly, but by no means least, here is a shot of me and Lou at the convention!!! Love you Lou, and I will be reloading this one, as I uploaded the wrong one, and now we are sideways,roflmao-sorry Lou, but it could only happen to me!!!!!!mwah-love you!!!

Well, best be off-two sick kiddies at home, one is asleep, and one is very quiet, which generally means she is into something,lol! Have a blast, and thanks for droppping by!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aaaargh- it's a purple lobster!!

I went to the Kitefest with the girls today, and of course, I just HAD to take the camera along,lol! I took stacks of photos, but I have only uploaded a couple, as I am still trying to master Photobucket. This giant lobster was one of the kites there- he was HUGE!!! Took this one of Bianca and Aleisha- Aleisha thought she was going to end up in the ocean, so she was petrified!! She was actually a good distance away, but she got scared, poor missy!

I think it will get scrapped,lol! Here is my layout for the second challenge over at BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES-awesome sketch designed by Nat!! Go check it out and give it a go- the colours really rock with this layout!!

This layout I did ages ago for a tag challenge at Savvy- I finally remembered to upload it!!!It accidentally got deleted in the computer meltdown,so I had to take another shot.

Made this card with scraps, and another 3d sheet. I did this one for the ribbons and lace challenge at Inkurable, but then I changed my mind and did another one:)

I am trying out for the design team at ARTY PANTS. Each week we have challenges to complete, and then the new team member/s will be slected. Here is my take on the week one bonus challenge, which is the current Arty Pants sketch.

We also had to complete a layout inspired by an ad. I took these shots of Mr Grasshopper at my S-I-L's house. It's a shame the second photo looks so dark, as it isn't on the actual photo, but I suck at editing that sort of thing, so I left it alone:)

Well, I am in the middle of cybercrop this weekend at the fabulous FOREVER ALWAYS, so lots of mojo flowing!! Have a scrappy weekend!