Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some photos, at last!

I am finally uploading some more of the photos I have taken in my journey to learn with the 450D. I am enjoying the whole photography thing immensely, and have a swag of books to read on the subject, and take notes from.I took a couple of layout shots(sorry,can't reveal yet) this morning, and it was sooo much easier to hold steady than the little Olympus! Isn't it funny what you get accustomed to?Firstly, here is a card I created with my leftovers in the Mummabushka range...I really love these papers. Trying to be organised for Mum's Day in a few months-get the cards made in time:)My card nearly blew away,so it isn't as sharp as it should be lol! Now for some photos from my course. Our second field trip was held at PHIL BOWLES PHOTO ARTISTRY at Clontarf. We got to experiment in his studio, and I loved every minute of it!! I got this photo of Vickky's little nephew Riley....if only I had focused on his eyes,doh! It would have been a much better photo, but alas, the camera honed in on the handlebars, unbeknownst to me at the time:( Oh well, I still love the shot, and it is ten times better than those I used to take!

Isn't he a spunky model? He was so co-operative, and such a little character- he made our tasks so easy!!!
Next was my foray into silhouettes. Not the world's greatest photo, but I was practising bracketing, and this was, afetr all, laken above my neighbours fence,lol!At the wonderful time of 4.45 or so in the morning too..unholy hour!!!If only I had known more then, I could've made this a better shot too- but I am really enjoying learning!

Well, I best go and finish my DT layout for Black Magic! I also have my Puzzle Sketches layout sitting half completed on my desk too- lots to do! Take care and have fun!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am in Kaiser heaven!!!

I have been using heaps of their products lately, and just love how every project turns out with their goodies:) I would have to say, one of my faves at the moment is the Mumma Bushka range- just love the little dolls. I had a fascination with them when I was little, and evidently nothing has changed,lol!This layout is my entry for the March Scrap The Girls challenge. A totally gorgeous sketch to work from btw:). I didn't realise until just now that the 3d stuff has thrown shadows on the layout- I was in such a rush this morning to get a piccie.I have gone full circle with my scrapping, back to the old favourite techniques again, and loved every tedious minute of the stitching on this layout:)

Another fave habit is fiddly cutting/3d stuff. This is my 123 entry, and it took a little while,lol! I really got into this layout, and it just kind of worked, and I used up some papers that I have had for rather a while.
I think i have nearly scrapped every photo from Malissa and Scott's wedding- I have found them so easy to scrap. If only I could look that resplendent in a dress,roflmao! Mal's gown was to die for, and just looked so spesh-love ya dear sister in law!!
Just check out this handsome young lad- my cheeky nephew, Braydon! I haven't had the chance to upload this page due to my computer downtime- but don't forget, you still have time to get your entry in for BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES this month.....I need to do my next layout too.....
I always feel so good after visiting Braydon, he now comes up and gives me a big cuddle, and a peck if he is going out:) Makes my day to not be the daggy aunt,lol!

Speaking of daggy- here is a recent photo of me! This is my layout for SONGBIRD SCRAPS second March challenge, and I love how it turned out, and yes , more Kaiser!!! I do actually like this photo, my instructor, Peter Jendra took this shot of me. Finally, I am starting to notice the over eleven kilos I have shed this year, so far. Mind you, I have been reeeaaallly naughty this week, but there is no hurry:)
In other news, I have found a new hairdresser, and she did an awesome job!! I haven't had too much success in the coiffure department of late. My last hairdresser moved into the city, and he was awesome!!!:( But, now my hair doesn't resemble an unruly mop!
I have had my nose in a book alot the last few days, I am working my way through all of Jodi Picoult's books, and the one I am reading is brilliant. If you are a bookworm, go check out "Vanishing Acts"- it's a fabbo read!Due to this, I haven't scrapped as much as normal, but I am winding myself up again. I have one more FOREVER ALWAYS challenge to do fro the month, and a couple of others to do. then the slate is ready for April!
Well, I am off to do a bit of Photography reading/study before bed. I have a huge night planned in my scrap room tomorrow night, let's see if it becomes reality!Ciao for now!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sorry I have been MIA-

As if we didn't already have enough to do in our lives, our computer decided to don't realise how much time you devote to them until that happens! I have some goodies to share, though I must say, I have been a little slack-without a computer to share them, I haven't done as mush scrapping as usual! All sorted now, so that should see a return to the late nights, and the blogging merrily again!
In the last week, I have also finished my firsat photography course, and I am so sad it ended! Thankfully, it looks as though we will have a second one, starting in June...and I am also going to google correspondence courses too. I have been bitten by the bug hugely, and find myself with nose in DSLR magazines, books, and looking wistfully out the window at sunsets...I know, I am a sad case,lol!I have also started to set myself up to take it to the next level, and get evn better at it! My poor family will really be sick of my lens soon!
Okay, well, what can I share- firstly, I recently went to a friend's 40th birthday bash, and she had an '80's dress up party- it was AWESOME fun, and of course, I took my camera:). Well, the theme for this month at Pink With 1 blog, is LIME AND PINK, and guess what, they were the colours for her party, so I decided to make her a mini album, with the shots I took. I made a card for her too, a little simple, but I liked it:)The flower on there is actually 3d- I was having a bad lighting day, not to mention that I also have two dogs that are vain, and want their photo taken,lol!
I really hope Kelane likes it- will have to drop it off this week, and have a natter at the same time.Oh, my next layout has her gorgeous little boy on it- he was hamming it up for the camera, and I love the photos I got of him! I have done this one for the Mid Month sketch, at the ever fantastic, most beloved FOREVER ALWAYS!Not quite to plan that one, I had more in mind for it, but a particular young daughter of mine decided to get into my inks the other day, while I was at work, and filled the corner of this layout with hot pink I had to cover it up, I didn't have anymore green card that colour- by jingo I was stroppy when I found my layout!!!!

My last share for today, is the layout I did for the super spunky renae's sketch at FOREVER ALWAYS!!! This is me with Anna, my friend of many years. I went with my family to her boys' christenings the other day, and we went back to her place afterwards.We haven't had a photo together in over 13 years- I should scrap an old one of us- ooh now I am inspired!!!!

The papers I used for this one, are the stunning Little Yellow Bicycle papers from Sonia. I have raised the flowers a little with foam tape, and added some bling. Hand-cut title( please ignore the dodgy d!)and the little stamped circle is one I recieved in a recent swap.Love it!!!
Well peoples, I have a mojo attack, and really wannna go scrap! I do have a couple of others to share, but will have to take some new photos, as they were lost in the computer illness. Have a great one, and thanks for dropping in!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A couple to share..

Goodness, it feels like an eternity since I blogged! I had a huge weekend, filled with family(gotta love that)and housework...notso good! However, I did get lots of scrapping done too! I finished my layouts for the Memory Album donation, made some pink swap stuff for the Scrap The Girls swap this month, and I did these two:- Th Eli Creek layout is my week 6 entry for the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMPETITION at FOREVER ALWAYS. By comparison to the other ladies, my entry looked a little lame:( I really am not arty! We had to use aboriginal art, a heritage( pre digi) photo, and draw inspiration from a fabulous artist. I can't believe that six weeks have flown by, and it's all finished! Gosh, 2009 will go as fast as 2008!!!
There is an absolutely AWESOME sketch on for this month at FA too!!! Go check it out! I did my Mr Smith layout for this month's sketch challenge, and I am soooo happy with this one! Sonia, I am telling you, you are converting my colour choices,lol!I was very proud of myself, this was my first full manual photo with the Canon! I know, it's prolly not THAT exciting, but it is for me!Well, must go take kids to school now, and off to work for the day:) Take care!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some pics to share...

I am never up this, as sleep was eluding me, I thought I would share some pics from the field trip I wnet on yesterday afternoon. All in all, I took over 200 photos, some good, some not so good,lol! Part of the learning curve! We had to take photos of moving objects to help us master shutter speed, I had my gorgeous nephews come along as bike models...doh! I forgot to upload those ones....ahh well, that will be a job for next post! We practised panning, and took some shots of the bike wheels to freeze the spokes in the shot, etc.Great practice!!! Here are a couple of my faves from the outing...I have a fabulous silhouette shot that I took, but don't know which folder Jacob saved it to for me,lol! I was really chuffed with these shots! I know I still have oodles to learn, but the fact that I got more than one shot to look like this, I was so pleased!The legs you can see in the top of the photo(bugger!) are the rest of the class waiting for their turns to come down to water's edge to play!
I got a little carried away when I was down there-I think Ihave about 18 shots of this little waterfall! I also got roped into helping model, to demonstrate the ways you would pose different shots, like brother and sister portraits, engagement photos,and wedding style. All I can say is I have now been bitten by the photography bug BIG time, and can't wait to play more!!!
Well, I am off to scrap now peoples! First layout of the morn will be my March sketch layout for FOREVER ALWAYS- that wonderful place to shop, chat, and be inspired!!! See you all there, and thanks for dropping in:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Woohoo-it's in!

Hasn't this just been the biggest saga for our family????We have had this pool since OCTOBER....and due to Christmas/New Year, and the worst of all,RAIN, it has been held up, and then put in the ground,only to be taken back out again.....but at last-it's done!!!! Now we have the landscaping around it to do, but that's going to be a relaxing job to do. I love pottering about in the garden, and don't get to do it nearly enough.Can't wait. I am off on my first field trip this afternoon, and am eagerly awaiting that! I tried to figure out the whole card reader bizzo by myself, but it kept saying I needed something else, rather than ruin something on the computer, I will harass Jacob to help me at a later time:) That will be on the to do list tonight I think, after I have been out today with the camera!
No scrapping to share, I have a layout on the go, but not yet finished. Another job for tonight!Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Take care,and I will be back soon:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am totally in love with my camera!

Afterv another fabulous night out at Photography course, i am totally and utterly besotted! I can now do things with my camera that I only dreamed of doing before!Today, I had a bit of a play with it, and took some totally manual photos...yes, I know, I am a slow learner, since I have had the camera since December, but I was paranoid that i was gonna break it! My next amazing feat will bre to upload to here...I got a card reader last I may have a play after blogging!
I have decided to post a teensy glimpse at my tag layout , that Kerryn has organised. I love the idea of Chinese Whispers in Scrapping form,lol! So,here it is:----- Sonia- you have now inspired in me a love of reds:) Believe it or not, the background paper for that layout is Christmas paper! I am totally enjoying this new phase of scrapping, experimenting with patterned paper alot more, and just generally trying everything!!!:)

Speaking of trying everything, I had a go at the March sketch at A2Z scraplets. Loved this sketch, and I am really happy with how the layout turned out!Love the new Bazzill Swiss Dots....yummm!
And so that the little 3d bit could be seen a little easier, I took a pic of it too. I love fiddly stuff,but have not found many papers around of late to satisfy the fetish...but these Spirograph pps looked like they would be fun! Oh, and btw, they are Kaiser too,lol!

The butterflies I have mounted on acetate, and then bent the wings up. I love butterflies:)
Well, I am off to play with my card reader! If I can figure it all out, it will be great-it's probably not too hard, just I suck at computers!!
Don't forget to get your pages off to Sara Gladman for the Memory album project....not many days to go. I plan on doing a few more to send. I still won't watch the news...I just feel too angry/sad/and overwhelmed ny the whole thing, to think that some bas@#$d lit those fires for incenses me. I don't live nearby, but I just feel for all Victorian residents. Take care everyone:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Woohoo-March is here!!!!

Why am I excited I hear you ask? With a new month, means a heap of new challenges to tackle of course! The last two months I have really enjoyed spreading my wings a little, and trying some of the new challenges that are online. I have a list as long as my arm to create for March. I have just finished a layout for a Scraplift tag challenge over at Savvy. Kerryn has co-ordinated it, and I think it will be great fun! The concept is to have a list of people, and a layout to start, you scraplift it, then your layout is emailed to the next person, and so on, until everyone has done theirs. Then the big reveal happens at the end. I did a layout that was rather different for me- it combines all the elements I, stitching, some cutting out-but I tried for a slightly different look to the norm. Kerryn's layout is FABULOUS!!!!!! Can't wait to share:)
Speaking of sharing , here is my layout for the first sketch for March over at BLACK MAGIC SKETCHES. I won't reveal any more of the will have to go have a looksie for that! This is my awesome nephew Jonathon...he is a funny man:) I can see him growing up to be a dare-devil, into fast cars like his Aunty Shelly and Uncle Jacob, and a girl stopper!!!! Next is my first March DT piece for SONGBIRD SCRAPS! I absolutely love the way this layout turned out!!!The Kaiser pps are smashing, and I love the colours!Bianca has been teaching her little sister to ride without training wheels lately, and this day, Aleisha had finally started to get the hang of it:)Turning corners is still proving to be a mission, but practise makes perfect,lol! I just love it when I can get photos of them playing together peacefully...quite a feat!!!
My week 5 layout for the TRUE BLUE AUSSIE SCRAPPING COMP at Forever always. This one we had to draw inspiration from either the Daintree(green,one other colour, tree/frog, and embossing) or The Alps. I went for the first theme, as I didn't have any photos left that I thought would be suitable for an all white theme.This is my Meg when she was she is a big, white hairy beast!!!Again, Kaiser pps, and I just adore the owls!!! I was really happy with this one...and then disaster struck. :( I finished this layout on Saturday morning before work. I left it on my table, and merrily went on my way. When I came home, I kid you not, my layout was bent in half like a banana. Oh, I was livid!!!!The glue I used has evidently shrunk back, and ruined pissed off!!!!In the last week, I have had rubons that won't adhere, and now Scrapbooker's glue that has wrecked my page. Not happy Jan!!!! I normally don't use this glue much, it's just that I had a larger area of fiddly cut out to adhere.....grrrr. That's my whinge for today!
On a happier note, I won the most FANTASTIC, FABULOUS prize!!!!I never really go into blog candy type draws, I usually forget to leave comments, and such. Weeellll, I have been eagerly following the goings on, and GORGEOUS new releases over at DARKROOM DOOR. If you haven't been for a visit there, Rachel has gorgeous new stamps just released. well, I got excited, and loved what I saw(I have a couple of her sets, and papers too) and decided to leave comments. I won one of the new releases!!!!!The Wilderness Set Vol 2 is the set I have won!!!! To say I am excited is an understatement!Cannot wait to have a play with those...they have fabbosentiments, and beeeyyooootiful, crisp images. Thankyou Rachel and Stewart, you have made my day!

Well, I am off to blog stalk...lots of great work out there to admire! Thanks for dropping by- I love having visitors!!!!Take care:)