Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am totally in love with my camera!

Afterv another fabulous night out at Photography course, i am totally and utterly besotted! I can now do things with my camera that I only dreamed of doing before!Today, I had a bit of a play with it, and took some totally manual photos...yes, I know, I am a slow learner, since I have had the camera since December, but I was paranoid that i was gonna break it! My next amazing feat will bre to upload to here...I got a card reader last I may have a play after blogging!
I have decided to post a teensy glimpse at my tag layout , that Kerryn has organised. I love the idea of Chinese Whispers in Scrapping form,lol! So,here it is:----- Sonia- you have now inspired in me a love of reds:) Believe it or not, the background paper for that layout is Christmas paper! I am totally enjoying this new phase of scrapping, experimenting with patterned paper alot more, and just generally trying everything!!!:)

Speaking of trying everything, I had a go at the March sketch at A2Z scraplets. Loved this sketch, and I am really happy with how the layout turned out!Love the new Bazzill Swiss Dots....yummm!
And so that the little 3d bit could be seen a little easier, I took a pic of it too. I love fiddly stuff,but have not found many papers around of late to satisfy the fetish...but these Spirograph pps looked like they would be fun! Oh, and btw, they are Kaiser too,lol!

The butterflies I have mounted on acetate, and then bent the wings up. I love butterflies:)
Well, I am off to play with my card reader! If I can figure it all out, it will be great-it's probably not too hard, just I suck at computers!!
Don't forget to get your pages off to Sara Gladman for the Memory album project....not many days to go. I plan on doing a few more to send. I still won't watch the news...I just feel too angry/sad/and overwhelmed ny the whole thing, to think that some bas@#$d lit those fires for incenses me. I don't live nearby, but I just feel for all Victorian residents. Take care everyone:)


Renae D* said...

i love your a2z LO....just gorgeous girl!! i'm intrigued with the something new in the works...cant wait to sticky beak i know. talk soon chicky..xxxx

Paula said...

Simply gorgeous stuff Shelly! Can't wait to see your photos. ;)

Jane said...

I enjoyed looking through your work Shelly - just gorgeous. Sounds like you're having fun learning how to use your camera :)