Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some pics to share...

I am never up this, as sleep was eluding me, I thought I would share some pics from the field trip I wnet on yesterday afternoon. All in all, I took over 200 photos, some good, some not so good,lol! Part of the learning curve! We had to take photos of moving objects to help us master shutter speed, I had my gorgeous nephews come along as bike models...doh! I forgot to upload those ones....ahh well, that will be a job for next post! We practised panning, and took some shots of the bike wheels to freeze the spokes in the shot, etc.Great practice!!! Here are a couple of my faves from the outing...I have a fabulous silhouette shot that I took, but don't know which folder Jacob saved it to for me,lol! I was really chuffed with these shots! I know I still have oodles to learn, but the fact that I got more than one shot to look like this, I was so pleased!The legs you can see in the top of the photo(bugger!) are the rest of the class waiting for their turns to come down to water's edge to play!
I got a little carried away when I was down there-I think Ihave about 18 shots of this little waterfall! I also got roped into helping model, to demonstrate the ways you would pose different shots, like brother and sister portraits, engagement photos,and wedding style. All I can say is I have now been bitten by the photography bug BIG time, and can't wait to play more!!!
Well, I am off to scrap now peoples! First layout of the morn will be my March sketch layout for FOREVER ALWAYS- that wonderful place to shop, chat, and be inspired!!! See you all there, and thanks for dropping in:)

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Paula said...

Brilliant shots Shelly, I can see why you took so many! ;)
You are going to be an expert in no time...I know where to come for tips.