Saturday, March 7, 2009

Woohoo-it's in!

Hasn't this just been the biggest saga for our family????We have had this pool since OCTOBER....and due to Christmas/New Year, and the worst of all,RAIN, it has been held up, and then put in the ground,only to be taken back out again.....but at last-it's done!!!! Now we have the landscaping around it to do, but that's going to be a relaxing job to do. I love pottering about in the garden, and don't get to do it nearly enough.Can't wait. I am off on my first field trip this afternoon, and am eagerly awaiting that! I tried to figure out the whole card reader bizzo by myself, but it kept saying I needed something else, rather than ruin something on the computer, I will harass Jacob to help me at a later time:) That will be on the to do list tonight I think, after I have been out today with the camera!
No scrapping to share, I have a layout on the go, but not yet finished. Another job for tonight!Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Take care,and I will be back soon:)

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