Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some photos, at last!

I am finally uploading some more of the photos I have taken in my journey to learn with the 450D. I am enjoying the whole photography thing immensely, and have a swag of books to read on the subject, and take notes from.I took a couple of layout shots(sorry,can't reveal yet) this morning, and it was sooo much easier to hold steady than the little Olympus! Isn't it funny what you get accustomed to?Firstly, here is a card I created with my leftovers in the Mummabushka range...I really love these papers. Trying to be organised for Mum's Day in a few months-get the cards made in time:)My card nearly blew away,so it isn't as sharp as it should be lol! Now for some photos from my course. Our second field trip was held at PHIL BOWLES PHOTO ARTISTRY at Clontarf. We got to experiment in his studio, and I loved every minute of it!! I got this photo of Vickky's little nephew Riley....if only I had focused on his eyes,doh! It would have been a much better photo, but alas, the camera honed in on the handlebars, unbeknownst to me at the time:( Oh well, I still love the shot, and it is ten times better than those I used to take!

Isn't he a spunky model? He was so co-operative, and such a little character- he made our tasks so easy!!!
Next was my foray into silhouettes. Not the world's greatest photo, but I was practising bracketing, and this was, afetr all, laken above my neighbours fence,lol!At the wonderful time of 4.45 or so in the morning too..unholy hour!!!If only I had known more then, I could've made this a better shot too- but I am really enjoying learning!

Well, I best go and finish my DT layout for Black Magic! I also have my Puzzle Sketches layout sitting half completed on my desk too- lots to do! Take care and have fun!!!


Peggy said...

Hi Shelly, wow, it feels like forever since I've visited your blog. You've done some incredible work in the meantime, and oh boy, all that talk about photography is making me so jealous!! I take pics with a tiny digital camera, and I would so wish to have better equipment and to follow some course or another, but... not enough money, not enough time...

I've hardly had any time to spend visiting blogs, didn't do a single LO in about two weeks now, and still have to get started on my Songbird LO... I'm not panicking yet though (although I'm slowly starting to...), I'm hoping to scrap all day tomorrow. Ordinary life is just taking up all of my time at the moment, and though it's fulfilling enough, I'm missing my scrap time.

Well, ordinary life is calling yet again, I have to take my girl to her swimming lesson... talk to you later xxx Peggy

Renae D* said...

your photography is xcellnt chicky....thinkn i should do a course too at some stage...Renae xxx

Kirsti9168 said...

wow Shelly! I am loving your photography you have been doing! It is gorgeous...all of it!

Can't wait to see your layouts for Songbirds! Not long now ;o)

Luv Kirsti xoxox

December said...

Well I'll be! I finally found you! You probably don't remember me, we met at Peninsula Camera Club. I was the short dorky girl with the tall porky hubby. You had just come and joined us there and we promised you an 'acquired' copy of Photoshop CS4. Well we returned with disk in our hands, week after week, and you were never there :-( Now after reading about your and seeing your blog, I feel more than ever, that we were meant to meet. You are a treasure Shelly. If you ever wanna chat or have a coffee, send me a line.