Friday, January 30, 2009

A Sneak Peek!

Okay, well all the other ladies have been brave enough to do it, so I have joined in too- here is a sneak peek of my layout for Songbird Scraps first February challenge. I am totally happy with how it turned out, and with heart in mouth, I sent off my layout! It's kinda nerve-wracking, as this is my first time... all the insecurities about my scrapping come out, lol! But I love the layout, and it is totally me, so I am all good now! :)
I also did this one of Aleisha for the handwriting challenge at FOREVER ALWAYS. My baby started school this week, and she looks all grown up in her uniform, so cute! For this one I have used the sketch number 8 from Inspired Blueprints. I still have a couple of theirs to go, but alas, I don't think I will get all the scrapping I'd like to do by the end of January! Oh well, there's always February!
Speaking of Feb, don't forget to check out SONGBIRD SCRAPS for the first of our challenges at the start of FEB! All of the Creative Team will have their work there, and I just know you will be inspired by the amazing stuff Kirsti, Chiquita, Peggy, Jane and Skye have done ! Oh, and I will upload the full layout once Feb starts too!
Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tagged-twice in one week!

I will get to that in a moment!!!Of course, I uploaded that photo first, so it's at the bottom ,lol! How miraculous is this-I have blogged twice today! Oh, well, it makes up for the times where I have been slack,don't you think? Isn't Patches a lovely cat? He is my old man, at 11and a half years of age...but boy does he still have attitude! I had the perfect shot lined up-a ladybeetle on a purple flower,test out the macro on the Canon...when he came along and stuck his head on the flower,the ladybird went flying, and that was the end of my "perfect" shot! AAh well, got a nice one of Patches, I suppose,lol!Oh, that's my 123 layout for Jan- here I am wafffling on!

Forever Always has another lovely mid month sketch. This layout was for that sketch, of my gorgeous niece Cheyenne. Note the look of horror on her face:( We were playing cameras, as she is so vain, and loves to look at herself!Evidently, she didn't like my!These are Creative Memories papers, that I bought donkeys ago,and finally used. I like 'em!

More cybercrop delights here- these were the Lamington Drops I made from Kye's recipe she shared with us-yummo! As Renae said-diet,schmiet,girls gotta eat! Yes renae, I did eat just one or two of these.......;0. Bianca has requested Sonia's Chjoc Macadamia cookies this week for lunchbox treats, will keep you all posted on my cooking finesse, or lack thereof!

Bianca did this layout of Miss Meggie for herkids challenge for the CC too. Her criteria was yello and white, with the colour of you chosen cookie icing thron in. She is of course, a chocolate fan, so brown was an obvious choice! Bianca was even so pedantic as to choose "Cocoa" coloured ink for her stamping........lookout scrapping world-I am cloning,lol!
Now, onto my tags.....the super sweet Sonia tagged me for the 6th folder blog tag! Thanks Sonia!!!:) I was also tagged by my gorgeous friend Nic Finno too....honest Nic, i am onto it, I just have to figure out how to get the piccie from you to here......I am sooo useless with computers! So, I will have Jacob on the job to help me with that one,methinks:) So that will be for next time for you home viewers,lol! Without further ado:-
The tag- 1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 6th folder.
3.Select the 6th photo.
4. Post and explain about that picture.
5. tag 6 other people.....

And here is my photo. It was taken when we went out for my cousin Samantha's Hen's night, last year. We went to the Tepannyaki Bar at Morgans. It was sooo delicious, and I was in awe of the chefs, so skilled, and such fun to join in with! This was our salad , which was our first course. I took photos of every course, and we had a blast! So, there you have it, my 6th photo.Now, I tag...
6.this is getting hard coz I know some people have already been tageedlol!
6. Amie.
Okay, I am off for a date with my new Harlan Coben book, "The Woods". If you haven't read his books, you are missing a treat! I have more to post, so seeya soon!


Wowee, I have had a happy-scrappy past few days!Busy,but great! Over at the glorious FOREVER ALWAYS,I could barely keep up last weekend, it was Cybercrop time, and if this didn't get ya scrappin' , nothing would! I tried soooo hard to keep up, in amongst all else we were up to, but alas, I didn't get to Sonia's challenge:( The only one I didn't do:( . All of the fabulous Design Team girls were setting awesome challenges....Michelle gave us the challenge of animals, numbers, and white with three colours. So, I scrapped my fave hound, Miss Meg, and her studly boyfriend who had a sleepover recently! They were lying like this for ages, and I couldn't resist a happy snap!!!
Paula set us a challenge to use transparency,a heart,or the word love, and texture. I busted out the heat gun and did some embossing, and added lace, and some cute pp's to scrap a layout of my girls on Christmas Eve, tossing about Reindeer Food! I love the way it turned out, and was awfully inspired for embossing again!

The very clever Kye also issued a challenge- use Black and White only, raw chipboard, and bling, also a 5 embellishment cluster.This was one of the first photos I took on the 450D -AND i LOVE IT!So, it was my choice...and I really was happy with this one!!!!As a bonus, I have used up some stash that I swear was ready to be carbon dated too!

A HUGE congratulations to Miss Amie and her family on the arrival of their bouncing baby boy! In Amie's absence, we did a layered,3 or 6photo layout, with either moment or moments on the page! I truly believe that this is the WORST picture of me in existence,lol! Gotta love those Christmas Day photos, after you play with crackers, and all don silly festive hats!

If you're free on the 4th February, why not come and join the fun of a recipe scrap over at FA!? Merry Christmas Clowns was from our most recent pot luck night, with the recipe set by lovely Kye :) These are sooo much fun, coz you are never quite sure if you have the recipe right, til everyone uploads in the next day or so! Loved this one- I will definitely be scrapping on the fourth,lol!
Well, I do have other layouts to share, but it seems blogger won't let me upload...grrrr- so I will leave you all with an idea- why not get over to Forever Always for the true Blue Aussie Comp that started this week???? Loads of goodies up fro grabs, great fun, and also, there aren't any eliminations-how cool is that? See you there!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brace yourself- this is a huge post!

Firstly, I apologise to my fellow Songbird ladies- I haven't gotten to all of your blogs yet, but I absolutely adore all of the work you ladies have done! I dunno how you all found me so quickly- but as soon as I have a chance(so I don't stuff it up,lol)I will add your blogs to my sidebar! After seeing the standard of work, I am amazed I was chosen, coz honestly , they are talented! If you haven't checked out the other Songbirds, I will have their links here soon, promise!
I have LOADS to share, as I have been scrapping up a storm this past week! Jacob has been on the computer heaps, so I have been scrapping, not blog surfing,lol! My first layout was for Renae's Random Challenge, I think it has been about twelve months since I did one of these, and I had to use a painted background,stitching, and a hand made embeelie, which is my flower up the top. I love this layout, so stoked with how it turned out! Renae also set a RAK challenge, so the only photo I had with navy in it was this one of my mum and her husband Lindsay. This was definitely a late night job, I finished it at 1.15 this morning! But I like the way it just came together- it doesn't happen too often!
Forever Always are starting a new competition this weekend, an Aussie comp, and we also have the cybercrop this weekend too! So if your mojo is ata astandstill, jump over and have a looksey, as I am sure you will be inspired by all the talented scrapper's work there! Going to aisle seven TODAY Sonia!
This next layout was my entry for this month's Scrap The Boys. I am a newbie to this one! It was great to dig out some old stuff for this one, I think I have had that hessian for four years....and the October Afternoon papers are sooo cute. My Jake - the most devious nephew an aunty could wish for!
I also have uploaded Bianca's Megmeg layout. She just adores our dog,Meg, and always plays with her. I swear if she could have her sleep in her bed, Bianca would! She has been wanting me to share her scrapping, so I will upload as she does more. I have done my Puzzle Sketches layout for this month about Bianca and Meg- Sweet Puppy Love! I love the photos on this one! Honestly, Meg shoves her head into everything you do! She is such a part of the family, and has some very endearing qualities. The joys of Bull Terrier ownershio- a stubborn, nosey dog who loves to be cuddled!
My Christmas layout was for the Scrapbook Savvy Scraplift challenge. Julie Heard was the scrapper we had to lift this month. I stuck woth a simple approach, as I didn't want to overpower the mighty Santa photo! Especially since it took Jake's help to get Aleisha to go near him! I totally love the DarkroomDoor stamps too! Only eleven months to go til Christmas!!!!
Well, best be off, my housework is calling me, and the washing machine has just finished chugging through another never-ending supply of washing! Have fun, and don't forget to visit FA this weekend- it's gonna be huge!!!! Oh, and I almost forgot, Sonia has been super-busy, but has done a magnificent job of revamping the site- it looks DIVINE!!!! See-ya!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am super excited!!!!!

So very ecstatic! I got a super email from Susie Q today, from Songbird Scraps, to say that I had been selected as one of their Creative Team! Woohhooo!!! I can't wait to get started, and love the whole concept of their blog. For those of you who haven't yet come across Songbird Scraps,it is a challenge blog , using song lyrics as part of your journalling/title. I love this notion, as I am a music nerd, and love to use songs in my layouts! So, as you can imagine, I was stoked when I read my emails this arvo!!!Yay, yay- I really hope 2009 is my Scrappy Year!
I will keep you all posted with the challenges for the month, and i hope to see some familiar faces amongst the entries!
So far, I have got heaps of scrapping done-the first layout(the Santa one) is for Kerryn's Ad challenge at Scrapbook Savvy.I took these shots with my gorgeous Canon on Christmas Day-I really felt for the Pinata,lol! I love the way it turned out-and yes, I do believe in Santa!
The ever wonderful fabbo FOREVER ALWAYS always has great challenges too, and loads of inspiration. My Diva layout was created for Paula's Summer colours challenge. I started a different layout for this one, but just got nowhere with it, so I started again! Cheyenne is soo irresistable, so doing a layout of her was a snitch!Dug out my stamps too for that one.
Lately I am finding that I have ressurected older supplies-starting to get low on some things though! Sonia- I am FINALLY coming shopping!!!!
I have a few more on my desk, but of course, I am a night owl, and I will have to wait til tomorrow to take some of my layouts is for Scrap The Boys, the first time I have done a layout for their challenge. Oh..the to do list grows every month,lol!
Booked myself infor my course on Tuesday, hopefully it will run at the end of February as scheduled. I can't wait to learn more about using my camera. We have two field trips at the end, which will be cool:)More photos to scrap!
Well, I best be off, I will come back and post more later! Thanks for dropping in, and don't forget to check out Forever Always if you need to kick the mojo into gear. Make sure you visit Songbird Scraps too!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow- it's 2009 already!

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas came, and went again! We did have an awesome time camping at Rainbow Beach for four days....except I put my Canon battery on charge, and left it at home, Doh! We were just about to board the barge( an hour away from home)and there were some gorgeous flowers on the roadside, and I thought I'd take some piccies....then I discovered that the battery wasn't packed! All the sunrise/sunset shots I had planned were dashed! Aah well...probably for the best, given that the kids had sand EVERYWHERE, so my camera stayed wrapped up tight, with no sand,lol!

I have scrapped a couple of layouts so far, finally got my room nice and neat too. Renae, if you have dropped by, it isn't as neat as yours but!Here are my sharies

-oops, I really suck at this, one has ended up at the top,lol!The photo of my gorgeous niece Cheyenne was taken on my new toy-I love the photos it takes!!!! I am going to do a camera course in late February,with two field trips, to learn how to use it more effectively!

Well, must go now, but I will share more when I finish the layout on my table-Gotta go! Bye for now!

Wow- it's 2009 already!