Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow- it's 2009 already!

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas came, and went again! We did have an awesome time camping at Rainbow Beach for four days....except I put my Canon battery on charge, and left it at home, Doh! We were just about to board the barge( an hour away from home)and there were some gorgeous flowers on the roadside, and I thought I'd take some piccies....then I discovered that the battery wasn't packed! All the sunrise/sunset shots I had planned were dashed! Aah well...probably for the best, given that the kids had sand EVERYWHERE, so my camera stayed wrapped up tight, with no sand,lol!

I have scrapped a couple of layouts so far, finally got my room nice and neat too. Renae, if you have dropped by, it isn't as neat as yours but!Here are my sharies

-oops, I really suck at this, one has ended up at the top,lol!The photo of my gorgeous niece Cheyenne was taken on my new toy-I love the photos it takes!!!! I am going to do a camera course in late February,with two field trips, to learn how to use it more effectively!

Well, must go now, but I will share more when I finish the layout on my table-Gotta go! Bye for now!


Vesna said...

Hi Shelly,

What a shame about not being able to use your camera.

Great LO's, I have only managed to do 1 so far this year.

And blogger normally adds your photos on the top of your post. So I normally Upload all the pics first, then as I type my journalling I place the photos where I want them. I find it so much easier.


rachel said...

Gorgeous LO's I absolutely love that precious look on her sweet little face... and congrats on being selected for songbirds scraps... Good start to 2009!!!!