Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tagged-twice in one week!

I will get to that in a moment!!!Of course, I uploaded that photo first, so it's at the bottom ,lol! How miraculous is this-I have blogged twice today! Oh, well, it makes up for the times where I have been slack,don't you think? Isn't Patches a lovely cat? He is my old man, at 11and a half years of age...but boy does he still have attitude! I had the perfect shot lined up-a ladybeetle on a purple flower,test out the macro on the Canon...when he came along and stuck his head on the flower,the ladybird went flying, and that was the end of my "perfect" shot! AAh well, got a nice one of Patches, I suppose,lol!Oh, that's my 123 layout for Jan- here I am wafffling on!

Forever Always has another lovely mid month sketch. This layout was for that sketch, of my gorgeous niece Cheyenne. Note the look of horror on her face:( We were playing cameras, as she is so vain, and loves to look at herself!Evidently, she didn't like my!These are Creative Memories papers, that I bought donkeys ago,and finally used. I like 'em!

More cybercrop delights here- these were the Lamington Drops I made from Kye's recipe she shared with us-yummo! As Renae said-diet,schmiet,girls gotta eat! Yes renae, I did eat just one or two of these.......;0. Bianca has requested Sonia's Chjoc Macadamia cookies this week for lunchbox treats, will keep you all posted on my cooking finesse, or lack thereof!

Bianca did this layout of Miss Meggie for herkids challenge for the CC too. Her criteria was yello and white, with the colour of you chosen cookie icing thron in. She is of course, a chocolate fan, so brown was an obvious choice! Bianca was even so pedantic as to choose "Cocoa" coloured ink for her stamping........lookout scrapping world-I am cloning,lol!
Now, onto my tags.....the super sweet Sonia tagged me for the 6th folder blog tag! Thanks Sonia!!!:) I was also tagged by my gorgeous friend Nic Finno too....honest Nic, i am onto it, I just have to figure out how to get the piccie from you to here......I am sooo useless with computers! So, I will have Jacob on the job to help me with that one,methinks:) So that will be for next time for you home viewers,lol! Without further ado:-
The tag- 1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 6th folder.
3.Select the 6th photo.
4. Post and explain about that picture.
5. tag 6 other people.....

And here is my photo. It was taken when we went out for my cousin Samantha's Hen's night, last year. We went to the Tepannyaki Bar at Morgans. It was sooo delicious, and I was in awe of the chefs, so skilled, and such fun to join in with! This was our salad , which was our first course. I took photos of every course, and we had a blast! So, there you have it, my 6th photo.Now, I tag...
6.this is getting hard coz I know some people have already been tageedlol!
6. Amie.
Okay, I am off for a date with my new Harlan Coben book, "The Woods". If you haven't read his books, you are missing a treat! I have more to post, so seeya soon!


Peggy said...

Now somehow I forgot to put you into my blog list, how can that be??? No worries, I'm officially "a follower" now, so I won't miss any of your posts again. Beautiful LO's, and I can't wait to see the one you made for the Songbirds. And yes, you should really post some sneak peeks, not that it is absolutely necessary (I think... I only did it because I've seen others do this as well), but to satisfy my curiosity LOL!!

Off to reply on your tag now, talk to you later!

xxx Peggy

Renae D* said...

thanks for the lovely comment Shell....and i'm stalkin right back at ya(had to figure out the follow thing when its not on main screen...arrgghh) hangin out to see your songbirds layout and to join in the fun...xx