Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

Hark-I hear angels! As a matter of fact-I hear two in particular, the sweet cherubs in this photo! I have finished my swap layout with the HUGELY amazing scrapper friend of mine, Nicole.Isn't the photo divine?I am so pleased with this layout-I think I have captured the way I scrap, and combined it with a layout that Nic would like too.At this moment, it is travelling somewhere between Queensland, and Victoria.I hope that Nicole gets it tomorrow.If you are peeping this way Nic, I hope that it looks nicer for you in real life, so that my post hasn't spoiled your surprise:) I really loved doing this, once I got over my nerves. Oh, and the finished layout does look fractionally different to this, as I thought it just needed a little more.

I am really excited as my first ever layout sent to BasicGrey was accepted into their gallery! It is a little hard to go wrong with their yummy paper range, but I was still stoked.

Work has been chaotic, today I could have done with another four arms,lol, one to catch fish, one to answer the phone, one to operate the computer with the new stock coming in, and I think the other one would have opened a Bourbon!!! I'm glad it's been busy, as Jacob will probably take a few days off over the holiday period now, so it will have been worth it.I have spoiled him rotten this year, normally I tell him what one of his pressies is, as I get so caught up in the spirit.......however, he has been cocky, and thinks I will tell him, as relayed to me by his Dad.Well, I have news for him-HE WILL HAVE TO WAIT HA! He is rather happy , as his bike woes are now fixed, after three bikes, and he now has a toy:) Quite funny actually, he and jis dad were both playing with their remote cars today, and the fools ran into EACH OTHER, ROFLMAO!!! Jacob had to ring me and tell me, and shortly thereafter, his dad ran his car into a palm tree..... I swear they'll never grow up!

On that note, I best be off! Thanks for taking a peep into my corner of the world, and I will have to add some more links etc on my next post...Hark, do you hear angels:)?


Nicole Finlayson said...

Shelly I LOVE it. I love love love love LOVE it. It looks whole lot different to the one you've got uploaded there though - roflmao........

I have it up in my space, it's DIVINE and gorgeous and even my hubby is impressed! I got it yesterday and never got a sec to let you know.

THANKYOU so much, it's divine and I will treasure it always!

jody-lee said...

Hey shelly,,,
I am so proud of your work. I think I may have to lift my game a little.. I love the layout you did for Nic, it looks great. I will try and catch up with you on Monday but if not i hope you all have a great Christmas with the kids...all 3 of them...talk soon