Sunday, December 9, 2007

A big weekend

This weekend has been hectic.... crop night on Friday night, work on Saturday,and fiddling about here at home to get the little things done before Santa arrives. My mission tomorrow is to clean fans, a/c , all the boring stuff that no-one will probably take any notice of on Christmas Day, but I still want to be sure it's spotless-JUST IN CASE!

Jacob got his new motorbike on Friday, and after all of the stuffing us about, it doesn't run properly, it floods, and we suspect the carby is dodgy.I swear the bike is cursed.. oh well, Jacob plans to ring them tomorrow, to arrange to go and get another one.. bike number three.I just hope that we don't have these problems with the kid's quad for Christmas.

I have entered a design team comp with MYSTICAL SCRAPBOOKS. They announce the winners on the 20th December. I have looked at the other entries, and the work of the other participants is stunning.Fingers crossed, I may be lucky enough to get a six month spot, who knows? I entered three layouts, and one off the page item.

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