Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Official-I'm a

Singstar!!!! I had a bash tonight with Bianca, and after three in a row of being labelled a "singstar", I was politely asked to go away:( Just when I had found agroove too:( Of all the songs to sing, I chose Alice Cooper's "Poison", and achieved 9720 points! I was a little shocked myself.....It has been simply ages since I sang, and I had kinda forgotten just how much I love it.I think that Singstar will cop a beating on Christmas Day, lol~!

I have been whacked this week, I haven't managed my time too well I don't think, and my scrapping has suffered.I have to finish my swap layout with Nicole, and I am sooo nervous to stitch on her layout.I should probably just bite the bullet and do it,but.... what if I don't do very well? I have asked her opinion of what she wopuld prefer I do, so I will wait till I hear from her methinks:)

Finished my clock that we did for a class with the ever-so-talented Jody! I love it, and feel sad to be giving it to Nanny now.I did , however purchase another clock, so I can make my own:)

I know the photo is a little blurry, but you get the idea.I also have three layouts on the go for various challenges, so I will have to get them completed!

I won soo many goodies from Forever Always, and received my Secret Santa from Sonia this week-wowee Heidi Swapp galore-I was stoked!!!

Bianca achieved another Academic Medallion this year, with even better grades than last year too.This year she got all vha's , bar one, which was a ha for P.E. I am sooo proud! I closed the shop for an hour yesterday to go and watch their end of year pageant, 'Away in a Manger"-very cute, with some amusing costumes, lol!The "donkey" wore a brown towel:) Bianca got right into the singing,and actions, much to her Poppys' mirth!

Oh well, my scrapping is calling, and since I've not done much, I think I must heed the call:) Thanks for reading!


Nicole Finlayson said...

Shelly, in the words of Nike?

JUST DO IT - lol........

I will love no matter what you do. :)

And I haven't started yours yet, hoping to today ;)

Love your clock too btw ;)

Nic xx

Krissy C said...

I'm not surprised you scored so highly on singstar lovey!!!you are a singing sensation and I have it on tape to proove it!!!:)