Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay, here I am, all by my lonesome on my birthday morn! I am now 32! Can't wait to see what the later hours of the day bring! I am off to spend the day( after some sleep:) with Nichole and Krissy, for lunch at Nic's new house. Woohoo!
I think I have a broken toe.Bloody grates over the drains out the back-Aleisha thinks they are great toys-I think they are a great way to fall over and mangle your toe,grr.
I did these layouts for Forever Always-I won a goody bag with the We go Together one.I will be stalking the postman!The Breathtaking one was fro a word challenge on Forever Always.I have been wanting to use the photos of my flowers for awhile now, and this seemed the perfect layout for them.I get to choose the next word for the challenge, on Thursday! I am thinking I may choose "believe".Well. bye for now:)

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