Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've been a bad blogger,

It has been an eternity since I got on here! I have scrapped a bit- but not much this last week or so, so many of my layout feast I am about to serve, have been completed recently.Firstly this is my Scrapjack of the wondrous Jolene Pienaar layout, for February. I love her work, always gawp at it in the mags, so i was excited to jack her work.Oh, and now I know her blog addy, so I can go peek at her stuff more often:) I have also done another two pages for my Little Book Of Everything. The first one is a cloud of me page, the idea is you write down in 5 mins, a list of words that describe YOU. Then you create a layout with them. The other one was about everyday anniversary(things) happenings, that we take for granted.Here are mine-I am so stoked with the way they turned out!!! The rest I will just share, I have stuck sketches, Scrapapple Sketches, FABULOUS Forever Always sketch, created by Paula!! Um, I think that's all I have scrappy to share...I am now a little out of mojo, and have been finding it hard to get the time to scrap much. I am working on the BasicGrey sketch fro this month, with a photo of our sadly departed hairy child, Occy. My gosh I miss him.Shed a few tears last night when I started to scrap about him:( I get soooo attached, I hate goodbyes.
Yesterday, I joined the Tony Ferguson diet thingo. I think I will be fine with it, I don't eat many condiments, or bread all that much, and adore fruit and veges. Poor Jacob will be a whole different story! He has exceptional willpower, so he will achieve his goal, but he'll feel as though his thraot has been cut!!!No sugar, no SAUCE.The worst part for him will be fruit and veg- he detests veges, except peas(can't have those) beetroot( another no-no)potatoes( he nearly wept!) and in fruit, he doesn't eat much either. OMG, he will be in pain- but I can't wait to see how we go. Another chapter to life.
I'm so excited, it is now only 19DAYS UNTIL THE BROOKS AND DUNN CONCERT- YEEHAA!!!! I cannot wait, we are in row 38. Then in April, it's off to Matchbox 20, and somewhere in between we have Jacob's 30th( can't wait for that either!!!!) Storey Bridge climb- I'll shit my pants!roflmao.... Also we have umpteen family birthdays in Feb.Bianca's was just the beginning, Krissy's birthday, oh and don't forget Easter......... what a year it is shaping up to be!!!!!Bring it on I say! Thanks for dropping in to my corner of the world, keep safe, have fun, and scrap your heart out!!!!!


Sara said...

Loving those layouts Shelly.

Don't forget to email your layout to me if you would like to be in the running for the monthly prize. :)

Sara xoxo

Krissy C said...

Awesome work Lovey!!:)

Giovanna Scott said...

Those half pages are great Shelly and love the "man page" too. You've been churning them out. Fab-o!!!
xx gi

Krissy C said...

Hey Lovey-you have been tagged-check out my blog for details! :)