Monday, January 28, 2008

A huge weekend

Goodness me, we have been busy!Ay first glance this weekend, it seemed as though we weren't going to be doing much at all- my kids and myself were on the tail end of the flu, and didn't have any plans.So I had kind of settled myself into the idea of a huge scrapping weekend. i had grand plans of cleaning my room, now that all the back to school stuff was sorted, I could work on the other half of my room.....alas, that all changed! I did, however, stay up 'till the unearthly hour of 1am on friday night,and completed two layouts.Both of these were for the cybercrop that the wonderful Louise Nelson has set for us. The first was to use an altered photo,to become the main focus of the layout with minimal embellishments.The pink one Starting To Blossom, was my interpretation of this.We also had to use postage stamps on a layout, I used this photo of mum and dad, and made a cover attached to the layout, to look like an envelope, and addressed it to my dad, in heaven.I was really pleased with how it came out-I have wanted to scrap this photo for so long, as it is probably the most recent photo I have of my dad before he passed away.Lots of tears creating this layout:( Oh, I miss him, he would've adored my girls......
The last challenge was to create three 3x3 inch layouts, and use at least two non-conventional techniques, not normally used in scrapping... I struggled with these! In the end, I stitched, used watercolours, folk art painting techniques(stippling and filler flowers) and came up with these mini layouts of Bianca.I love 'em now!

For Australia Day festivities, we wnet to Archerfield Speedway in Saturday night! The girls thought the Caravan races were funny, and loved the rollover cars too. The feature race of the Sprintcars was awesome... such a bogan thing to go to!I enjoyed it, but we forgot to take jumpers, adn my back was playing up merry hell by the end of the night!I'd like to take the girls to see the monster trucks next time. Bianca was fascinated that I used to race in Speedway when I was younger, and asked lots of questions.It was nice to have a conversation with her about my younger years, and for her to be actually interested too!
Sunday was spent shoppimg for new shoes- another moment of excitement for me- Amart had Iron Maiden playing!!!! I was elated, walking around a shop , singing, "Run To The Hills". I thought it was neat, and dragged out shoe selection for as long as possible:) rofl..... Bianca got some new shoes, a few sets of clothes for the girls, and lunch out too. Then off to Malissa and Scott's, where another musical highlight took place- Adam Brand's new film clip.... oh heavenly day!!Late night though, and too wrecked to achieve much.
Well- off to scrap the night away- never know, I might get another two done tonight!!


Krissy C said...
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Krissy C said...

I'm a tool!!!Had written:wow you had a bust (instead of busy) whoops!weekend!Your LO's are fandabbydozey lovey!Thanks for adding me to your list ;)!

Vesna said...

Hi Shelly,

Love your LO's.
Hope you are now feeling better.