Monday, January 21, 2008

A happy scrappy weekend....

I have had a fabulous weekend of scrapping! Firstly I went to a crop at Created By You on Friday night....many laughs were shared, pizza devoured, and chico babies flowed freely too:)What more could a devout scrapper ask for? I completed some layouts there, this first one was a challenge set by the magical Amie, on forever always....the colours to use were brown,lime and red.....after a bout of skepticism, (and a mild bagging too, lol) I decided to take the challenge....and this was the end result. Thanks Amie for a great challenge, and I do solemnly swear that i will NEVER think a colour scheme odd again!I also had a go at the latest Scrapjack challenge, which was to "jack" a layout by Kim Archer.I must say, I love the way this turned out-some of these photos of Aleisha I have wanted to use for AGES, and this was the perfect layout for themIt was all made a little easier by Kim's wonderful layout to begin with:)

In other scrappy news, I recently joined Karen's Scrapping Kupboard forum too, to meet even more lovely scrappers, and do even more challenges-stretch the scrapping learning even further still....and I have definitely done that!They have just started a new 2008 "Little Book Of Everything", which is to be scrapped in 6x12 format.This week's task was to create your cover, and use an eclectic mix, paint/fabric/metal/inks etc.Here is my cover. Totally me in so many ways-music is such a huge part of who I am, and I really love the papers in the Marah Johnson range, though finding the right layout can be a challenge.And let's face it-red and black are timeless together, and edgy.I'm itching to do the next task now!!!!Will kepp posting as the album is created... the idea is to focus on the everyday, and the little details that define who we are,love the concept.
I also did this one, again with photos from yesteryear,lol! This one was to use Christmas papers in a non-Christmas layout.

Oh, and if you haven't seen enough yet-this is a loooonnnggg post- I finally managed to get my second clock uploaded.This was one I created in my weekly sanity session at Created By You.Jody's sample was sooo much more detailed than mine, but I am sooo happy to have a clock in my scraproom now!:)

Then, for me the pie'ce de resistance' (I dunno if that is spelled correctly!) This is my take on the monthly sketch at Ksk.When I printed this photo,it was originally a F@*# up-learning to drive my new printer, I accidentally printed an A4 page size...ooops!Well, as luck would have it, I needed a big photo for this sketch, so, with some trimming, I happily used it! Jacob is a little embarassed about having his photo on a scrapping site, but shit happens,lol, and he is now indicating that he is a little flattered that the focus of this layout is his love for our kids.He truly is a fabulous dad.Of course, he is a man, and he wouldn't be caught dead scrapping....but I think he likes it!

Other than that, we had a really quiet weekend at home, in the garden, on the playstation, and generally farting about here.I have stepped up my exercise regime a tad, now doing 40 minute stints instead of 30.The scales are still groaning at me, but my clothes fit differently, so I guess I will have to wait for the scales to be kind!I am actually enjoying the walker now too....maybe there is a closet exercise junkie locked within me..hahahaha... not likely!Anyways, I have some Tim Holtz grungeboard waiting on my scrap desk,I think it needs me:)Ciao for now!


cheryl mezzetti said...

I love what you designed using Marah's rock star line and Caution girl!
Love your work!

Krissy C said...

Gorgeous work as always Lovey!!!:)

Sandra said...

I LOVE this pic and the page