Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow time flies!!!

Has it truly been so long since I updated.....? You all would have given up on me by now!!! I do intend to rectify the situation, but alas, I have no scrappy goodies to share, as all of my stash is packed away, eagerly anticipating my move to the country- NOT to eat a lot of peaches! I went to Nic's PMS last weekend, with the awesomely talented Krissy. Had a total blast, and it was lovely to let the creative juices flow, and to drool copiously over Nic's GINORMOUS stash of Stampin' Up products!!!! Dunno where my camera is though, so I can't share what she taught us:(

Well- I did fiddle about with my new colours and roller, but haven't quite put the last minute touches on yet.When I can find the camera, I will upload- it feels like an eternity since I last did anything. Trust me, this year has whizzed by for me, and thankfully, I think we can now slow down long enough to scratch ! For now though, I will be off, there is more drooling to be done over a certain idea book I have! Take care and have fun, and don't do anything I wouldn't do, should leave heaps of scope!

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