Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goodness me, the time sure whizzes by....

So much has been going on... and at last, the decision of where we are going to live has been made. The verdict is- we are staying, for now, well- at least maybe a few more years anyway. I am still a little disoriented by the whole deal, but I think it will be okay! Lots of things happening for us over the next few months, and before you know it, Santa will be here - HOORAY!!! I sooo love Christmas!!
In other exciting news, ( well, for me it is!) it appears that my stash will be reunited with me, hopefully over the next few days!!! Oh joy, rapture!!! I cannot wait to get myself back scrapping, I have a multitude of ideas swirling around my head, and look forward to getting back online again, and most of all, creating!!!
On the countdown too, to go to Nichole's next week for her monthly pms. Doesn't sound good when put that way- but it is such a buzz to meet up with all my scrapping buddies again!! I really miss them so. Why is it that life gets in the way, and it just gets so damn hard to catch up with those you love spending time with? I think I may suggest another monthly get together, for more scrapping fun! See what the ladies say...
Well, I have located the camera, so I shall leave it here for now, and take some piccies to upload of my cards later. Bye for now!!!

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