Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mojo flow!!!

This week has been so great, I have really started to scrap again, which I am totally loving! The first few days I really just went on a bit of a "rediscovery" trip- oh, I forgot I had, I have to use that pp... and so it goes! Once I got over pushing papers around though, I actually got something done! This first one is the October monthly sketch at Forever Always, and it was just perfect for Bianca's school snaps! I can't find the small year one photos- oops, they are still somewhere safe! I used some of my Sweet Sampler stamps on this one for the background, and I was so happy with how it turned out!

Next I finally cracked open my Outlaw paper pack, that I bought sooo long ago.... I totally love the way they look for a boy layout! one look at the photos of Josh on haybales, and that was it- Boho Western, here we come! I'm going to give this layout to his mum, Christiane. Sure do hope she likes it! I sent her a sneak peek,and she seemed happy with the page, so it's all good!

This week has been so hectic- but refreshing. After a few months of searching, I have found my mum again, and spoken to her on the phone for the first time in about 7 1/2 years. Finally, I feel as though she sees me as a grown adult( though my antics may at times be misleading,lol!)and we chatted fro about a half hour . Shall have to take things as they come, and see how our relationship progresses from there.Work has been flat out, with us moving things around in preparation for ho-ho time! The shop looks a bit weird to me at the moment, stock everywhere- but it will all come together!

It has been so long since I actively used blogger, I have forgotten how to move images around- the one of Jakob should be down here?????? Oh well, at least it uploaded! Gotta love it when a layout just comes together- I picked the papers, and it just went from there! This was definitely the best Tupperware party I have ever been to- the kids had a blast with the baby animals, and it gave me the chance to take some more recent shots of the kidstoo!!
Thanks for popping in and having a look! Have a great weekend!

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