Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Superprincess Ava

I know a great many wonderful people-some I have met,in real life, and some I have spoken to via the phone/internet. Yes, gorgeous readers,that includes you:) Tonight I would like to write about someone who has touched my life profoundly,and I didn't ever have the joy of meeting her. I happen to think her mummy is a beautiful soul,a magnificent photographer, and one of the bravest people I have ever spoken to.
The lady I am speaking of is Sheye Rosemeyer, and if you would like to see her gorgeous work, look here I adore her photos,and one day would love to take shots like hers:) However,it is not only her photography that touches me-it is the way she has endured the tragic loss of her precious daughter, AVA, and taken a very important message to all-look here . Tomorrow marks three years since Ava flew to be a special angel,and my heart goes out to Sheye and her family. Ava reminds me how special each moment really is, how precious life is, and I find Sheye's blog so touching..... so beautifully written. Tomorrow I will be thinking of Superprincess Ava,and I hope you will join me in sending Ava's postcard as an email tomorrow to raise awareness of children , and the danger the family car can pose.
Sheye,Crayton,Luca,Mason, and Ivy-if you happen to read this, please know you are all in my thoughts on this difficult day, and that you are a constant inspiration to me. Ava will be dancing in her tutu(perhaps with six other skirts) and I am sure she will be watching you all with very much pride and love. Your little daughter has truly touched so many people, and I know Ava will continue to do so-your most beautiful Superprincess.
Thankyou to you for sharing your darling girl with us Sheye. As a mother whom has also lost a child,your words soothe,bring hope,and succinctly describe the emotions/thoughts that I struggle to convey. You have made me treasure the few photographs I have of my daughter even more, and no longer feel I have to "hide" her away.For this gift i am forever indebted to you.xoxo
This post is dedicated to Ava Florence-Beth forever Superprincess.


Zaharia said...

Ava...that's my girlfriend's name :P

i call her pastila

it means sweety in my language :P


hay shelly.. i love sheyas pics too... shes an amzing mother..

what a beautiful blog post.. no one should ever loose a child.. im so sorry to hear of your loss...