Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The pregnancy is over:(

My AC/DC pregnancy that is!! After NINE long months, of anxiously awaiting their concert,it has now been and gone:( But ,my,oh my, what an AWESOME night we had!!! We left work early(something we never do-never close the shop early,rarely even on time!) and grabbed our ponchos,heading to Nathan. It looked like it was going to be a dismal,rained out evening...but yippee,it wasn't!!! The only time it rained was during "Thunderstruck"(how apt!) and once near the end. The crowd was fantastic-I got myself some Angus horns,and a cooler. Had to hold on to the horns while jumping about like a mad thing though....... they played all the classics, and paid homage to Bon Scott during "High Voltage"-honestly, the crowd just went wild!!! This was the stage........lots, and lots, and lots of speakers...mmmmm..I love it loud!!! So-it was Jacob's first big concert, and I don't think I will ever get him to another,but at least he went in style:0
I have been card-making, and scrapping a little...have also made a special OTP, but haven't yet edited the photos,so that will be for next post:) February is a mammoth month of birthdays in our family,so I made loads of cards then:) Snappy Birthday for my super cute nephew Jake- he is such a boy, but at six, I still wanted something cute-plenty of time for car cards later on!
I bought the crab stamp for about $1.50 at The Warehouse donkeys ago,and finally inked it!! All made from scraps, of course,and I love how it came out! Apparently, it was a cool card, and passed his inspection,lol.

I have a swag of others, but thought I would share some faves-this one was for my niece's birthday last week,sweet sixteen at last. Charita is Frangipani mad, so I watercoloured and played with this one. It too was met with happiness,phew, i am not failing to please my biggest critic!!

one of my layouts from Feb-a sketch from A2Z Scraplets challenge...which I forgot to send in !! Oh well, it was great to sniff glue again, and revisit my scrapping desk,lol. Just realised how wonky my pic is too*blush*. This was a fun layout to do-love the Kaiser papers:) They totally suit Jake and Jonathon, they adore their gaming!

Not much else to report here-I am eagerly awaiting the outcome of weeks of work overtime at the shop-we have some exciting things going on there in the next week or so:) Jacob has worked so hard,some days 19hours, and I have barely seen him without a tool in his hand,roflmao. Not THAT kind though! I will be taking the Canon to work to capture the new fish-we have Nemo and Dory in now, and have expanded the fish range...and some other things to play with soon too!My new challenge will be to see if I can take fish photos,lol!
Thanks for droping by-I know I am nearly the world's worst blogger...but am off to edit those piccies I promised! Take care ,have fun, and don't do anything I wouldn't do;-P


Sonia said...

lol - Shelly, love the title for this post...

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